Picking up the phone and cold calling is a huge part of everyday business. Networking is part of this equation. Being a strong salesperson means listening and saying less.

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Regardless of what business you are pitching, you are better off saying nothing and learning about the prospect, rather than being the one rambling. Follow these reminder tips if you are looking to close more appointments:

1. Have a strategy at online network events:

Hearing pitch after pitch online is overwhelming when done wrong. Just because you are speaking, it doesn’t mean your audience is actually listening. Keep your pitch to a few phrases. Or ask the audience a question, such as, “How many of you make sales calls?” Be different. Do not use up your 60 seconds. If people are interested in you, they will ask you questions after the meeting.

2. Be persistent with fewer words on voicemail:

When making cold calls, persist until you get a response. Decision makers will thank you for it. No need to keep re-stating what you do and why you are calling on the sixth voicemail. They know who you are. They know they are avoiding you. Be pleasant. Be quick. Once you get them live, ask for the meeting.

3. Master your follow-up skills:

Building new connections takes time and work. Effort is needed to follow up. Most people do not follow up with new connections, even though they say they will and even though they are pumped after the first conversation. Have a tracking system in place. Note special details shared. Take the time to build a positive connection. Don’t let it slip.

The key is to follow through on what you say you will do. Too many people talk the talk but do not walk it. Be a doer that gets somewhere. Listen more, talk less.

Take action steps each day toward your goal. Note your progress. Evaluate your progress. Be mindful of how you come across. Less is always so much more. Go to them but let them come to you as well. It’s a fine dance.


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