Save Max, based in Mississauga, Ont., says it is the first Canadian real estate company to pay commissions to Realtors on the same day a deal is signed on a property transaction. It allows agents to focus on growing their business rather than doing part-time jobs to sustain their daily expenses, the company says.

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“Being a real estate agent is a tough job,” says Raman Dua, founder & CEO of Save Max. “We want to provide our Realtors the comfort, security and peace of mind that Save Max has their back every step of the way and can be assured that they will be paid instantly when the deal is written, so they don’t have to struggle for their day-to-day expenses when the deal has already been done but the closing is a few months away.

“Ninety per cent of the Realtors who drive the real estate industry leave the profession within the first year and 65 to 70 per cent of the Realtors are part-timers,” Dua says. “The problem is they are not able to manage their cash flow on the day-to-day basis. The second thing is the way the industry traditionally has worked, if you are doing the deal today and closing is after two months, you’re going to get the cheque 10 to 15 days after the closing.”

The initiative is also intended to encourage part-time Realtors to become full-time.

Save Max, which was established in April 2010, has close to 50 offices and 600 Realtors across the country. It has operations in India as well with franchises in that country.

Dua says the brand has sold $7 billion in real estate and plans to expand to 11 more countries in the next five years.

Dua came to Canada in 2003 as an immigrant from India. He worked at a gas station and as a security guard. In 2006, he started thinking of going into real estate after he bought a home and decided to sell it after a couple of months. He made about $40,000 on the transaction.

“I thought this is the field where I should be,” says Dua.

He got his real estate license and started his new career in 2007 with Re/Max. In his first year, he did close to 50 deals. As his business grew, he made the switch to another Re/Max brokerage and built up his team. Dua had a number of different ideas he wanted to implement and he wanted the independence to put them into place.

He launched Save Max in 2010 with the concept of “List Your House for $999”.

“We didn’t have a formal office at that time so we launched it in the basement of our house, which was almost a 2,000-square-foot house. Slowly, slowly I started to build up my team and we had about 70 people at that time and in 2012 we moved to our first commercial office in Brampton. By that time we had already built up a company that was close to $100 million transactions. That concept of providing the best services at an affordable price really worked well.”

The business continued to grow. In 2014-2015, it moved to its Mississauga office. In 2019, it launched a unique franchise model where any Realtor can join Save Max as a franchise owner.

“Now after two years, it’s been a blessing for us,” says Dua. “We have grown the company five times. At this point in time we have 56 franchises  all across the country and we have a team of more than 610 Realtors at this point. In 2021 we sold more than $3 billion in real estate. We have operations in Ontario, Alberta, Vancouver and Winnipeg and we have some franchises in India as well. We have a plan to go to the U.S. very soon and then Australia and then Pakistan.”

The company also recently launched a commercial real estate division.

“Creating success for others is a real success for me,” Dua says. “I understand the challenges of people starting out in the industry, as I have been there myself. I am committed to the real estate profession and its entrepreneurial spirit. We are more than a real estate company. We care about people.

“I challenge the rest of the brokerages and real estate companies in Canada to show that they care about their people and do whatever it takes to grow them personally, professionally and financially. Making an impact is what I want to do for everyone, and this step will help the real estate industry grow.”


  1. Maybe once a year if I suspected my very fat background pipeline FSBO file might run a little low, and I just felt like a little change of pace, since I glanced at the daily financial headlines anyhow, I would flip over to the FSBO print ads. Only occasionally was there anything worth followup.

    I didn’t exactly solicit the ads, but simply called to introduce myself and to ask permission to inspect the subject property in case I happened to come across an appropriate buyer. Keyword: “Appropriate.”
    Most often a secretary took the call. I wanted to speak directly to the owner. Call me back.
    I wanted to know who built the house, when, what type of construction etc.
    Seems no one asked such questions. They just wanted to list the house. I never asked for the listing. And let it be absolutely known that wasn’t the purpose of my call. I just wanted to be ready happenstance I discovered a buyer in my path.

    But I did arrange to inspect. Often these ads were private relo. I left strong appropriate marketing material and of course like any seller; they believed advertising sold houses. They were suitably impressed. Occasionally they asked what commission but hardly ever.

    They all had the same choices: 6, 7, or 8 points, and they got to see what they were paying for, a generous list of applicable marketing costs..

    A few days later I got a call: “Come list my house.” I had never asked for the listing. Hardest part: getting the for sale sign installed pronto. Professional photos had to be arranged because often the owners were prepared to price properly, and that made for speedy organizing. My support contractors were always ready.

    I otherwise worked alone. I signed every document personally. Everyone wondered how I did it all, (Me, too!)

    I never had one that didn’t sell. In cleaning out old files my administrator commented one day that in ten years I didn’t have ten expiries of any kind.

    When I hear/see stories like today’s REM lead I want to say: leave each to his own. Sadly if the newbies don’t make it they can chalk it up to a bad investment they can write off. Indeed an expensive learning curve.

    I lost count how many times I was told I would NEVER make it; even ten years after I’d made it and was told I would never make it on my own when I opened my boutique brokerage.

    Leave everyone to their own devices and insist they play honest and fair and by the rules. That’s the only requirement. The rest is just business in the making – or not. NO OFFICE can “manage” that many agents. Period. They’re on their own. You get what you pay for. Likewise clients the same.

    Carolyne L

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  2. The purpose of this REM article was to generate “conversation.” That it did.

    To each his own. There’s room for everyone until there clearly is not.

    Like water seeks its own level, thus so does real estate. It is market-driven.

    As there’s a lid for every pot, there’s nearly a real estate agent for every home owner. What works for one doesn’t work for everyone. Live and let live.

    I’m living proof of one who never should have made it and wasn’t even asked to cut commissions. Why could that possibly be.

    With genuine respect, not bragging.

    Carolyne L

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  3. Commission from trust account so it’s an ADVANCE as the deal is not closed yet. ? On FB the payment from general operating account as not from commission trust account ? Trust account misused if paid before closing the deal.
    999 listing is MRTP….as bundle sales… buying plus selling and double dipping is key to success
    OREA allow such practices ?
    Since all franchise owned and operate independently…how come 600 agents are Head office as advertised ?

  4. Broker states: “we have a team of more than 610 Realtors at this point”. Brokerages that are bringing in new bodies by the truck load are slowly killing off the real estate industry. There are just too many chickens in the barn and there is not enough chicken feed for all of the chickens. It seems that many brokerages rely on volume of warm bodies to survive. How can any broker supervise 650 bodies? I guess many chickens will just die from starvation. I think there is another brokerage in Toronto that advertise they have over 5000 Realtors in their barn. Real estate is becoming a joke as someone in their comment stated.

    • Added comment to post: “In 2019, it launched a unique franchise model where any Realtor can join Save Max as a franchise owner”. How can any Realtor join Save Max if they are working for another brokerage?

  5. This isn’t an article, it’s an advertisement.

    It’s doesn’t explain anything, only boasts about the brokerage?

  6. Per your website:

    $999 to list
    $6.5 million average per agent
    $123k average annual commission

    That tells me you this is a very heavy buy side reliance

  7. Let us see if we get this correct.

    This brokerage, under the leadership of its CEO, has identified that REALTORS®, well most new ones, it is quoted, “…they are not able to manage their cash flow on a day to day basis.”.

    So, if we get this correct, 90% of those driving the profession in their first year as a registrant, and who are responsible to advise clients regarding the most significant financial transaction they will ever make, are unable to manage cash!

    And that 90% leave in their first year…..even though they are “drivers” of the industry. Surprise to me, while in their probationary period required of them, in a period where they are so new to the business there is so much to learn (and as a 18 year registrant, one learns more every day), they are leaders in the profession.

    No point talking about the business model, it seems the goal as the article points out of this brokerage is to help those who cannot help themselves not to make money. And in the course of doing so, the business has grown in leaps and bounds and likely made the owners very well off, yet that is simply a by product of doing good for others!

    And, of course, the plan helps those employees with the “struggle” of day to day expenses. What are the expenses of the brokerage, that is, how much of those day to day expenses for which the effort intends to provide “comfort” are industry driven in the first place?

    Someone commented on why the article appears in REM, especially as it did not offer details about the arrangement. Is it indeed a loan, for instance? What is the relationship with cooperating brokerages with respect to the immediate payment? Who assumes the risk related to the remuneration if a transaction fails to complete, or is conditional?

    The article caught my interest because of the headline, and a desire to see if there is, indeed, a substantively progressive model worth understanding. Disappointment is the only outcome.

  8. I am sorry but this article is a complete joke to our industry and I am shocked that REM would even print this! Save Max is a discount brokerage that has butchered the Real Estate industry for FULL TIME, HARD WORKING agents! I have been selling real estate in Ontario for 20+yrs and I would be destitute if I had to list a home for $999 which is what SAVE MAX advertises. Based on this article, I would say all Save Max is doing is making it easier for part time agents to stay in the business and ruin it for everyone who makes selling homes a full time job


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