Re/Max Highway of Heroes bridge plaque honours fallen heroes


Re/Max Integra president and co-founder Walter Schneider was one of the first to offer support for the Re/Max Highway of Heroes project, a True Patriot Love Foundation initiative that honours those who have lost their lives serving our country. Re/Max is a sponsor of one of 26 sculpted bronze plaques that will be placed by overpasses on the highway.

Schneider chose the bridge that is the closest to Trenton, Ont. It’s the first bridge that motorcades with the repatriated fallen heros and their families pass after arriving in Trenton en route to Toronto.

This bridge also celebrates and is named after a Cobourg Police constable who was killed after responding to an alleged robbery that turned out to be a planned ambush. Constable Chris Garrett’s heroic actions prevented a greater tragedy by halting a heinous chain of events.

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