A lot of real estate agents feel awkward when they’re calling their database and I can totally relate. One of my life’s goals is to have joy with everything that I do, and if I don’t have joy doing it, I don’t want to do it.

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I suggest you call with a softer touch just to break the ice and build a fresh relationship. You can always fit in the business side when and if the conversation is flowing that way.

I started calling people for bigger reasons, that was more about them than it was for me. I came up with a two-plan system. Plan A was the reason for the phone call, A stands for awesome.

Anything that was fun, positive and share worthy. That’s why I was calling them. Plan B was business and I would pepper that in the conversation when, if and where it felt fitting. I never force the business conversation, I just let it flow. Watch my video and let me show you a couple of examples.



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