The Real Estate Council of Ontario has voided the real estate license registrations of 34 people who were found to have cheated on the Real Estate Education Program exams.

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A statement from Humber College, which administers the program, says an investigation “identified deliberate and organized misconduct” regarding the completion of the exams. “We will continue to monitor current and future exams and are reviewing previous exams to identify suspicious or misconduct behaviour,” says Humber College. It did not specify how the cheating occurred.

A statement from RECO says, “We take matters of academic misconduct very seriously and will continue to work with Humber to maintain the integrity of the program and exams.” The list of people who had their registrations voided on October 29 is here.

“Real Estate Education Program learners are expected to act ethically, honestly and with integrity in all learning and professional matters,” says the Humber College statement. “All learners are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and abiding by the policy on learner integrity. This responsibility includes giving due consideration to the deterrent effect of reporting such offences when they do occur, making one’s disapproval of such behaviour obvious, and helping to ensure that the Real Estate Education Program community does not encourage or facilitate learner dishonesty. We want to remind you that the program, and the college, take matters of academic misconduct seriously. Academic integrity is critical to our institution and all our programs.”


  1. So sad. There is clearly a pattern of the cheaters here. The program is not easy and at the same time, it is not hard. These are not abstract things we are dealing with, these are homes and everyone has one, be it rented or owned. i’m happy to see cheaters exposed and rejected

  2. I’m shocked it’s only 34.

    But not only do they cheat, social media forums are rife with people taking the courses who do don’t read the materials, ask, even offer to pay people for their notes and only study the cheat sheets sanctioned by RECO and the college.

    The lack of knowledgeable registrants out there is astounding! It’s either they can’t even be bothered to ask a homeowner to see their water bill to identify what amount the tank is rented for or they don’t know they’re supposed to know – I’m certain it’s the latter.

    If this market ever turns into a balanced or buyers market the rampant incompetence is going to be ramp up.

  3. Thirty-four future scum-bag-realturds kicked to the curb. That’s a good start. Humber should lay traps for these kinds of cheaters. Set the bastards up. Give them every opportunity to cheat. Entrap them. Then give then them the well-deserved frozen boot up the arse when caught. Expect a certain number to cheat. How many currently licensed realturds cheated right from the get-go? Guesses?


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