RECO names new registrar

Joe Richer

Joseph (Joe) Richer is the new registrar of The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), effective Sept. 17. Richer will assume the role vacated by Allan Johnston, who retires at the end of July after 14 years with RECO.

Richer comes from the Board of Funeral Services (BOFS) where he served as registrar for 14 years. Similar to RECO, the BOFS is an administrative authority and is an arms-length regulatory body under the Ministry of Consumer Services charged with protecting the public interest. Prior to becoming registrar, Richer was an inspector at BOFS.

“Joe brings with him a long and distinguished track record of consumer protection through a balanced and contemporary approach to regulation,” says Tom Wright, RECO’s president/CEO. “His addition represents an exciting new phase for RECO as we continue to build on our successes.”

Richer has also served on the executive of the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards and previously served as president and is an active member of the Association of Executives of Funeral Services Boards.


  1. I wonder if the “BOFS” guy’s job was to determine if they were really dead.

    “Yup…he’s a goner all right. Crap!…where did I leave my forehead stamp of approval?”

  2. Incredible , there goes the 20 plus Million $ Realtors pay every year, to elect someone that knows nothing about selling or buying Real Estate. It is insane. Just a Joke , you must be kidding all of us. This served as a reminder to All Realtors to take the time and vote or else you’ll have a Donkey runing RECO. This a real sick joke.

  3. I hereby nominate you Brian Martindale to be appointed as Registrar of the newly formed SRUCO. (Stiffs R Us Council of Ontario).

    Say buddy, you have an imagination that is hard to understand at times, but undoubtedly second to none

    With your posts, thanks for making this Forum an interesting place to check out from time to time..

    John M

  4. Last I checked real estate isn't exactly rocket science. I'm sure any reasonably intelligent person can come in to RECO and learn about the industry and our challenges in a short time. It is actually quite common for people with regulatory experience to move around amongst the various self-regulatory bodies and delegated administrative authorities.

  5. Let me get this straight:

    RECO has appointed someone who has been a Registrar of business licencing procedures pertaining to dealing with human death issues to a real estate venue, instead of someone who has real estate experience.

    I know, I know, it's all about dealing with licencing/misbehaviour on the part of potential members/miscreants respectively, and not about what said potentials/miscreants do for a living (bury them or help them when still alive, whatever), at least, that is the rationale behind the iffy logic employed for the choice of the appointment, I am sure.

    What I am not so sure of is whether the same logic would apply in the reverse scenario. In fact, I am sure that it would not.

    I can see it now…"Former Real Estate Council of Ontario Registrar named as the new Board Of Funeral Services Registrar".

    On second thought, you will never see that.

    That would be a dead issue.

    Where has all of the common sense gone?

    Dead and buried methinks.

    Where do these bureaucrats who have the power to make choices over our business lives actually come from?


    • Well, it's the same throughout the industry. I don't know who was responsible for hiring our Board EO about ten years ago, but she came here from the States and her experience was as a business administrator for a school bus company. She told me that herself. Met a Canadian, came here and the rest was history.

      Was there no one with local (& real estate specific) experience who could do that job at the time?

      She is gone now, and the new one apparently came from the banking industry. So everything old is new again?

      Not complaining, not my place to complain – just stating the facts. I heard that Royal LePage had brought in an outsider years ago also when the franchising thing happened. Not our business who runs what company, but just sayin' – seems to be the new mode of operation in our industry. (not throwing stones)

      With respect
      Carolyne L

  6. I would assume to be the registrar of RECO you would have to have some knowledge able the actual industry.

    So, maybe I missed something…when did he work in real estate?

    • John M;

      Would that be a stiff upper lip, or an upper-lip stiff, or a lippy upper stiff?

      Would that make the new RECO Registrar a former Registrar of the… "Stiffs 'R' Us Council of Ontario"?

      One way or another, we're all headed, or toed, for the same end game…a one way trip from here to eternity, with or without the help of a SRUCO turned RECO Registrar's undertaking oversight.

      Please excuse my irreverence;…been taking myself too seriously lately.

      Say…I need a new job…

      What about Registrar of the yet to be established…

      Real Real Estate Counselors of Ontario (RRECO)?



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