This incredible chicken entree was one of my Gourmet Cooking with Carolyne first-year gourmet cooking newspaper columns in 1976.

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This is a perfect example how I use my reserve compound butter coins. Although you could choose from several in your frozen coin collection, why not start with your parsley dill green onion coins? Another time choose a different coin variation. Wrap three coins in each kiev.

When I first introduced my readers to this dish I simply used a large dollop of very cold (even frozen) butter, a teaspoon of fresh coarsely chopped parsley, a teaspoon of coarsely chopped very fresh dill and minced green onion in each kiev. And just a tiny sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Pound a butterflied large chicken breast that has never been frozen. There’s something different about the taste of fresh, never frozen chicken. (Personally, I avoid buying “air-chilled” chicken.) I wanted a semblance of how my pounded chicken looked when making schnitzel.

Put the unsalted butter dollop in the centre and place the herbs on top of the butter. Using the side closest to you, wrap the chicken over the herbed butter dollop. Next, pull the two side ends of the flattened chicken towards the centre, tightly making a package. Roll the filled breast quite tightly into the far side to complete the tight package shape. Arrange on a platter seam side down, then refrigerate in the coldest area of the fridge.

Moving quickly, arrange pre-made fresh coarse breadcrumbs on a platter. In this case I used plain white bread as you would use to make toast. On another platter arrange plain white flour seasoned with salt and pepper.

Whisk several whole eggs in a large flat bowl. How many will depend on how many kievs you are preparing. Let the kiev rest briefly so the chicken relaxes in the egg wash.

In a generous stovetop skillet, melt a large piece of unsalted butter in the hot pan until it is golden and sizzling. You want the butter hot but showing no signs of browning.

Dredge each very cold kiev in the flour, ideally using tongs so you can let any excess flour fall back onto the platter. Using a different pair of tongs, tip each kiev into the whisked egg wash; using yet another pair of tongs, roll each egg-washed kiev in the fresh coarse breadcrumbs, being sure to cover completely.

One by one, arrange the kiev on a white paper-towel-covered plate to collect any loose crumbs, easy to wrap for disposal. Using dry tongs, slip each breaded kiev into the sizzling hot butter (about a quarter-inch deep in the skillet), seam side down. Keep a little space between each kiev so they do not transfer heat one to the other.

You need to move quickly. You might want to refrigerate the prepared kiev before placing in the skillet to secure that the butter stays solid.

Turn each kiev quickly until all sides are golden, again using tongs. Because the chicken was pounded quite thin, it will cook quickly and will continue to cook in its own heat. Definitely do not overcook.

Remove each kiev from the skillet and place on a warm platter from which to serve immediately. When you cut into each kiev, the herbed butter should release and bathe each mouthful of chicken. The chicken should be fork-tender.

The chicken kiev is a perfect complement to my mashed whipped potatoes. Deglaze the skillet with white wine and add half-and-half cream, allowing the cream to reduce to make sauce gravy for the potatoes. Serve the sauce at the table in a gravy boat with a lip or a ladle.

My french-cut green beans and sugar-buttered carrots are perfect side choices.

Winzertanz served cold in a stemmed crystal tulip glass pairs nicely.

Here’s another idea: Rock Cornish Game Hens… another delightful way to serve.

Oven-roasted Poussin on a bed of Black Mission Cognac marinated figs

Preheat the oven to 400 F. You are going to use the middle rack.

In an oven roasting pan as you would use to make roast chicken, add a whole jar of Asbach Uralt marinated black mission figs and the cognac jus. For this recipe, plan on roasting four poussin, about one pound each. You can stock up frozen equal size birds so you can have them on hand for an easy make-ready meal. Defrost overnight in the refrigerator.

Sprinkle each hen inside with salt, pepper and a pinch of thyme and a squirt of fresh lemon juice.

Gently pull back the skin, being careful not to tear. In the created pocket, place three frozen compound butter coins in each bird; choose from your frozen reserve container a herbed coin or a jerk coin or even a coconut or citrus compound butter coin, all of one kind, not mixed butter coins.

Position the hens in the roasting pan, on top of the marinated figs, ideally with the birds not touching each other. Paint the birds with spoonfuls of the marinade jus. Baste a couple of times while roasting. Typically the birds take just less than an hour to cook. Check that juices run clear. Let rest uncovered in the roasting pan for 10-15 minutes.

The sauce is perfect to serve as you would a gravy.

Serve with my whipped mashed potatoes and sugar-buttered carrots or your favourite vegetables.

These hens are very delicate young chickens and each hen is one serving. A perfect family meal or a great guest surprise because many people have never eaten these poussins.

You might like to retrieve from your freezer a few frozen scoops of my German Italian Plum confit ice cream balls for dessert, served alongside fresh sabayon (zabaglione) filled chocolate cups.

© Lady Ralston’s Compound Butter “Coin Reserve” ~ because Butter makes it Better. A different kind of currency. 

The working title for Carolyne’s Gourmet Recipes cookbook is From Lady Ralston’s Kitchen: A Canadian Contessa Cooks. This kitchen-friendly doyenne has been honoured and referred to as the grande dame of executive real estate in her market area during her 35-year career. She taught gourmet cooking in the mid-70s and wrote a weekly newspaper cooking column, long before gourmet was popular as it is today. Her ebook, Gourmet Cooking - at Home with Carolyne is available here for $5.99 US. Email Carolyne. Scroll down to the comments at each recipe column. Carolyne often adds complimentary "From Lady Ralston's Kitchen" additional recipes in the Recipes for Realtors Comments section at REM.


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