Real Trends unveils 2012 broker rankings


    Pages from 2013 RT CANADA 250_rev042413The 2012 Real Trends ranking of the largest 250 brokers in Canada is out, with few changes from last year’s list. Sutton Group – West Coast Realty in Vancouver, with 19 offices and 14,489 transaction “ends” retains top spot, with Re/Max Realtron Realty in Markham, Ont. in second spot and Royal LePage’s 16 corporately owned Toronto offices in third.

    The list is compiled from figures provided by the brokerages and verified by Real Trends. Not all real estate brokerages participate in the ranking for competitive reasons.

    Real Trends editor Travis Saxton says this year’s list is “our most complete ever,” but “although the report has grown once again this year, there remain companies not included in our list…We made every attempt to reach any and all firms that would qualify but know that there were still those that were not aware of this list and others that simply chose not to participate.”

    The list includes 42 firms that had $1 billion or more in sales volume in 2012.

    The single office with the most ends was Re/Max Real Estate (Central) in Calgary, with 5,185 ends. The office also had the most dollar volume.

    Re/Max Kitimat Realty in Kitimat, B.C. had the most ends per agent. With only six sales reps, the office averaged 85 ends per agent. It also had the top sales volume per agent.

    Re/Max Crest Realty in North Vancouver showed the largest increase in ends, growing from 3,794 ends in 2011 to 5,273 in 2012. Re/Max Real Estate in Edmonton scored the largest increase in dollar volume.

    The brokerage with the highest average sales price was Re/Max Aboutowne Realty in Oakville, Ont. with an average price per end of $897,277.

    The top 10 largest brokers in Canada, ranked by closed transaction ends for 2011, from the Real Trends Canadian 250:


    1. Sutton Group – West Coast Realty, Vancouver

    14,489 ends – 19 offices – 1,795 agents


    2. Re/Max Realtron Realty, Markham, Ont.

    9,867 ends – nine offices – 624 agents


    3. Royal LePage Real Estate Services, Toronto

    9,744 ends – 16 offices – 1,323 agents


    4. Re/Max Real Estate, Edmonton

    8,362 ends – 13 offices – 402 agents


    5. Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Richmond Hill, Ont.

    8,300 ends – 12 offices – 939 agents


    6. Right At Home Realty, Toronto

    7,568 ends – six offices – 2,287 agents


    7. Re/Max Twin City Realty, Kitchener, Ont.

    7,109 ends – seven offices – 447 agents

    8. Re/Max Real Estate Centre, Cambridge, Ont.

    7,079 ends – 12 offices – 438 agents


    9. Royal LePage Team Realty & Royal LePage Gale Real Estate, Ottawa

    7,051 ends – 22 offices – 514 agents


    10. Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty, Belleville, Ont.

    6,331 ends -16 offices – 358 agents


    For the complete list, visit


    1. Sorry, but I can´t and won´t understand why it would be better for a top producing agent to go to a discount broker.
      It´s not the same atmosphere there and all top producers who switched offices to a discount broker have completely failed to keep their production level at the same pace or better. They drop, because of the environment in those offices.
      “If you want to become better, surround yourself with people being better than yourself” that is the reason for the high production in those offices.
      One more thing: A top producing agent at RE/MAX has a higher net than a top producing agent at Sutton… We calculated the scenario with an agent averaging 20 ends a year.

      • That’s simply not true. Top producers are that because they work hard and to say they they have failed to maintain that upon moving is pure lip service. I’ve had way more success without Remax than with.

        As well, the idea of surrounding ourselves with successful people is sounds great, but its far from the truth. You’re in fact surrounding yourself with your best competitors, some whom are working against you. This industry is very competitive. There is a lot of ego attached to it, especially at the top. So the idea that everyone is working to help you succeed, that includes the overburdened Broker, is an industry myth.

        • Brand name or not Real Estate or not, if you want to get better at things you surround yourself with those that are better at it then you and learn from them. They don’t have to mentor you as long as you keep your eyes and ears open and are willing to learn you will be learning from some of the best in the field. Your best competitors are often the best coaches in the business brand name or otherwise.

          • I agree 100% Chad, but the point I was making is that there are cracks forming in the big 3 franchises business model. And just as sellers are discovering that success and service have nothing to do with the brand they choose or the fees they pay, agents too are discovering that their success has nothing to do with the brand or the fees they choose. And as we see more good agents slipping through the cracks and going to discount brokerages, others will follow and maybe for the same rewasons you mentioned above.

            • I agree that there is a problem with perceived value for Realtors in the eyes of some consumers and for brokers in the eyes of many Realtors, it is now the brokers turn to work on that value proposition to agents in order to justify the fee schedule, just as many great agents have over the years worked on their business to justify their fees to consumers. The best will always do well Brand name or independant and those that rest on their past will be serving cofffee. I work for the “above the crowd” brand Lol. I would have left years ago if it was just the brand I was there for, but the truth is I have a great broker which is why we stay.

    2. The benefit of BIG? incredible resources are available to Sutton West Coast agents due to scale. For example, Sutton West Coast has 2 campus locations in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for daily live training. Agents can utilize their connected offices via pass cards plus there’s dedicated staff to handle inquiries. Sutton West Coast is home to REALTORS in every career stage, from rookies to top performing million dollar producers. Find out more at

    3. Is big better????? When you list who handle the listing and inquiries or any calls??? The BIG companyt or the idividual sales person!

      Get Real!

        • Right at Home is attracting those agents that do fewer deals based simply on the manner in which they charge. In fact, as they take more of these agents from the Big 3 you should expect their ( the Big 3) averages to go up with fewer low producers dragging the average down..

          But don’t think the Brokerage has anything to do with the success of individuals. If the self motivated, business oriented, top producers moved to Right at Home their individual averages would stay the same and the Big 3 averages would fall.

          Now that’s beginning to happen today as these top producers realize that their brokerages have almost nothing to do with their success. I’m seeing top producers in my market moving to these discount brokerages and seeing no change in their businesses, except for the high fees they don’t have to pay anymore!

          They know full well that their success is because of the effort they put in. And as more top producers see their success and profit grow. And as we see commissions drop expect others to follow. As well, expect the Big 3 to have to start rethink their structure and how they charge.

          We’re now seeing the second battle within our industry take place. First was those brokerages offering reduced commissions over traditional commissions…traditional brokerages are losing that battle by the way.

          Now its the battle between brokerages charging traditional fees versus those charging reduced fees. We’re already seeing mergers going on. Trust me, they are preparing to drop their fees and they can only do that with larger numbers and a merger will help in doing that.

          It started with Realtors struggling to justify high fees to consumers. Now its Brokers struggling to justify high fees to Realtors. Its been an interesting first period to watch, but I think the second will be even better!


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