Real estate loses a good friend


Karan Barker, the executive officer of the Hamilton-Burlington and District Real Estate Board who recently passed away was a dear friend of mine. We did not speak often during the last five years or so, but every few months, I would receive a note from her, either through the post office or in recent years, by e-mail. She would say, “Great Issue” or “Keep up the good work”. Always encouraging, always positive, always sincere.


We live in a world that is dominated by leaders of countries, billionaire business CEOs, and entertainment super stars who's every word causes a reaction around the globe. Karan always said that she was simply an executive officer of a real estate board — one of over 100 such associations in our country.


Maybe being a common soldier in an army that I reckon adds up to about 70,000 sales representatives, brokers, and association staff, is just not that important when you put it up against all the millions of people around the world.


But Karan made me feel like it was.


Karan was dedicated to the real estate industry in Canada. Karan made this industry better than it was. Karan was passionate about everything good this industry presented. Karan was one of the greatest ambassadors this industry ever had. Karan made you proud to be in the real estate industry.


But of course, Karan was far more than that. She loved her family. She loved her boys and talked about them often. She loved her friends. She cared deeply about other people. She cared about the world we live in. She was one of the finest human beings I have ever known.

I will be one of thousands who will miss her in this industry.


I am proud to have been her friend.


Heino Moll is publisher of REM: The Real Estate Magazine.


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