Real Estate Books: Prospecting, Buying in the U.S. and legal responsibilities of agents


Prospect with Soul

By Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn

Bluegreen Books

Denver real estate broker Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn says that if you’ve been frustrated so far in your real estate prospecting efforts, what you read in this book may sound “completely nonsensical, counterintuitive or even nuts if you’ve been brainwashed by the vast majority of the real estate sales training out there.”

She writes: “Prospect with Soul is not just another book about prospecting for real estate business. It’s about building a real estate business without selling your soul to do it…

“If you’ve bought into the idea that you have to spend a fortune on advertising, pester strangers and even your friends for business, beg everyone you know for referrals and subject strangers to your sales pitch at every opportunity, accepting what I’m about to share with you may require a fairly significant shift in your mindset. Or…maybe not. Frankly, most people who are attracted to the Prospecting with Soul philosophy get it right away – and wonder how on earth they missed something so obvious.”

Fire Sale

How to Buy U.S. Foreclosures Now

By Philip McKernan


“This book delivers the definitive fundamentals you need to buy foreclosed (or distressed) properties in the United States,” says Vancouver-based author Philip McKernan. “Its pages teem with the unbiased and reality-based information you need to structure a real estate deal in the U.S., and all of this great information comes from a group of experts who invest in real estate themselves.”

It’s divided into four sections: an explanation of what distressed property is and how to buy it; renovation and management; tax planning and legal considerations; and general information about buying in the U.S.

Crash Boom!

Make a Fortune in Today’s Volatile Real Estate Market

By Greg Rand

Career Press

This book has some brave words about the current U.S. real estate market: “Mark my words. You are here, right now, being confronted with the opportunity to play a major financial trend with near-perfect timing. We are at the starting point of the next real estate wave. Don’t let yourself look back in five years and realize that you missed it,” says author Greg Rand.

The book looks back at The Great Depression and explains how some of America’s wealthiest families emerged to thrive. It then looks at the current meltdown before declaring that the U.S. is about to see “a robust and vibrant rental market well into the future, and an improving economy that will support property values in most parts of the country. The stars are aligned to make this the best time in modern history to be a landlord.”

Legal Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents, 2nd Edition

By Rosemary Bocska and Martin Rumack


Ontario lawyers Bocska and Rumack have updated this reference book in the second edition, adding new cases about condominium transactions, agents’ mistakes, commission, dealing with special parties and more.

The authors say the book is aimed at real estate agents “who must fully understand their obligations whether they represent buyers, sellers or both; as well as for real estate board officials, insurance representatives and real estate lawyers.
Other topics covered include estate planning and dealing with special transactions.

Buying and Selling A Home for Canadians for Dummies, 4th Edition

By Tony Ioannou and Sarah Daniels


The fourth edition of the popular Buying and Selling A Home for Canadians for Dummies includes updated information about the new mortgage rule changes instituted by CMHC and how the HST impacts purchases in provinces that participate in the tax. It’s a detailed explanation of everything that happens when buying or selling a home or condominium.

The Dummies series also includes an earlier title called Real Estate Investing for Canadians for Dummies, by Douglas Gray and Peter Mitham, that is now on its second edition.

A third real estate title in the series is Flipping Houses for Canadians for Dummies, by Ralph R. Roberts, Joe Kraynak and Camilla Cornell.


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