Real Estate Books: Mortgage Wealth, Harmonious Environment and more


Private Mortgage Wealth

By Charles A. Aziegbemhin

RIMI Publishers


 “Private mortgage investing offers incredible financial opportunity for those who are ready for the adventure but it can be financially devastating for those who are not prepared,” says author Charles A. Aziegbemhin, the principal broker at a large Toronto mortgage brokerage.

He says he decided to write the book because a “lot of people are grossly misinformed on the concept of mortgage lending. This book attempts to remove the disconnect between successful investing in other assets and the failure to achieve the same fit in private mortgage investment.”

The book begins by helping you determine your net worth and continues through investment vehicles, a guide to successful investments, a look at the mortgage market and private mortgages, due diligence, property valuation, risk managements and more. It also includes ways you can lose money if you’re not careful.

Life Rich Real Estate

By Richard Dolan

Life Rich Corporation


“Where we live, our PLACE, will become one of the most powerful influences on the happiness of the millions of Baby Boomers who are about to retire,” says author Richard Dolan. “If we have the courage to admit it, each of us harbours a secret vision of the ultimate life we want to live. That includes WHERE we want to life our life.”

Dolan’s book identifies the economic impact of the Baby Boomers and discusses how that will impact real estate, coming to the conclusion that Boomers want a taste of the good life, and that they will purchase luxury real estate to get it – specifically, fractional real estate.

Dolan says that whether you are a real estate investor or making a decision on buying vacation property yourself, “we are perfectly positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.”  

 “Baby Boomers are about to make a buying decision as important as the one they made when they bought their first family home,” he says. “For the next phase of their life, they will focus on living a life and earning a return on living.”

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Legal, Tax & Accounting Strategies for The Canadian Real Estate Investor

By Steve Cohen and George E. Dube



Lawyer Steve Cohen and accountant George Wiley offer specific strategies, tips and “action steps designed to protect your investments as they grow.” The authors say they are real estate investors themselves, and “this is important because the tax and legal rules around real estate are continually changing in Canada and the authors are up on the latest developments.” Readers can also register with their websites for ongoing updates.

Topics include tax saving plans, limiting liability exposure and increasing long-term equity growth. The book includes a series of checklists to help ensure readers have all the bases covered.

Available at bookstores. 

Harmonious Environment

By Norma Lehmeier Hartie

Lingham Press

$21.95 at Chapters/Indigo

Promising to “beautify, detoxify and energize your life, your home and your planet,” there’s a little bit of everything in this book, from interior design tips to eliminating harmful products in the home; from healthy recipes to improving indoor air quality; and from using feng shui to cohabitating with rocks.

Harmonious Environment teaches how to create a beautiful, non-toxic and natural home and workspace; a sanctuary that will support, invigorate and nourish to enable the reader to flourish in all aspects of their lives – while being kind to the environment,” says author Norma Lehmeier.

The book has won several U.S. awards since it was first published in 2007.


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