Real Estate Books: From investing to root cellars


Peter Kinch Book Cover April 2010 webThe Canadian Real Estate Action Plan

By Peter Kinch




Mortgage broker Peter Kinch starts off this book by asking the most basic question of real estate investors: why do you want to do this? By establishing your real estate investment goals, you can more easily plan your investments to reach the desired results.

The book covers how to determine the type and nature of investments you need, key financial strategies, how financing for investors is different than for regular home buyers and identifying and overcoming obstacles.

A portion of the author’s royalties will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Canada.

Available at bookstores now.

books3 webBurst This!

By Frank McKinney

Heath Communications

$20.79 (Chapters/Indigo)


The cover photo of author Frank McKinney is like an ad for a Las Vegas magician, with a guy who looks like Fabio holding onto a house in a bubble. But McKinney began his real estate investment career with a $50,000 house in 1986 and is now known as a real estate “artist” who has built and sold 36 oceanfront properties with an average selling price of more than $15 million. He wrote this book in response to the “naysayers, pundits and bubble-heads” who said the U.S. real estate market would never recover after the credit crunch.

“Real estate markets will always have cycles of up and down, both regionally and nationally. At any time in history, those who get caught up in the greed associated with boom times or the fear associated with bust times are the ones who ride the roller coaster, experiencing flash-in-the-pan success or losing their shirts. But those who take a contrarian approach are the ones who steadily build the legacy kind of net worth that can sustain generations.” That will be you, he promises, after you read this book.

books1 webKeys to Investing in Real Estate

By Jack P. Friedman and Jack C. Harris

Barron’s Business Keys



This is the fifth edition of the Barron’s textbook on real estate investing for individuals, reflecting the new financial realities in the U.S. market. The book provides detailed advice about buying, selling and operating residential and commercial real estate. The information is well organized and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, but the mortgage and tax rules apply only in the U.S.

books5 webThe Complete Root Cellar Book

By Steve Maxwell and Jennifer MacKenzie

Robert Rose



REM’s friend and long-time columnist Steve Maxwell describes everything you need to know about planning and building a root cellar, and then turns the book over to home economist Jennifer MacKenzie. She gives tips about what foods you can store and how to make them stay fresh and delicious in your root cellar. Also included are 100 recipes that incorporate root cellar food.

Root cellars can be anything from a cave-like structure built into the side of a hill, to a small food storage area on a condo balcony.

“A root cellar is to carrots, beets and salsify what a wine cellar is to Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon,” say the authors. “It provides necessary storage space for both wholesome food staples and culinary treasures…Successful root cellaring delivers an opportunity to cultivate skills and hone gourmet insights in a way that is both fulfilling and globally responsible.”


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