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booksBuying U.S. Real Estate: The Proven and Reliable Guide for Canadians

By Richard Dolan, Don R. Campbell and David Franklin



Canadians are one of the largest groups of foreign buyers of U.S. real estate, but as the economy and laws change around ownership of U.S. property, Canadians need to have the most current information at their fingertips.

This new book addresses issues such as the legal requirements surrounding the acquisition of foreclosed or distressed properties; cross-border financing and accounting issues; and the fundamentals of buying a property, such as:

* How to begin your search and find data on specific neighbourhoods;

* Knowing all of your finance options, and what you need to know about U.S. tax laws;

* How to work with contractors, renovators and property management experts;

* Putting together an estate plan.

Richard Dolan is the CEO and senior analyst of the U.S. Property Shop, a U.S. real estate capital advisory and research company based in Toronto. Don R. Campbell of Vancouver is a founding partner of the Real Estate Investment Network and the author of several real estate books. David Franklin of Toronto is counsel to The U.S. Property Shop and an expert on Canadian and U.S. real estate.


books2 webBarron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms, Eighth Edition



Boasting about 3,000 terms and definitions relating to real estate, architecture and construction, this small but thick book is designed to be a quick reference guide for home buyers and sellers and anyone involved in the real estate industry.

It has extensive listings for American associations and government agencies relating to real estate, but not for the Canadian counterparts. Many of the legal and mortgage terms are also not suitable for Canadians. However, there are lots of useful definitions on the architecture and construction side, many with line illustrations, charts and graphs.

books3 webNext! Jump Out of Bed

Sales Strategies for Real Estate Salespeople

By Bruce Keith


Personal coach, seminar leader and REM columnist Bruce Keith recently released his first book, a collection of sales tips for professionals. They offer short, timely, to-the-point tips that you can apply to your sales effort right now. At the end of each tip, Keith says there are no excuses for putting off action now, and if you could use some help, there’s no excuse not pick up this book.


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