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books2If You’re Not Having Fun Selling Real Estate, You’re Not Doing it Right

By Jennifer Allan

$19.95 US

Bluegreen Books

Finally, a book that says it’s okay to have some fun again! Jennifer Allan’s book celebrates the good times in real estate that many of us forgot about during the tough times. Her buyers are not liars, and most of her clients are friends or personal acquaintances.

This book offers more than just feel-good motivational words – there’s meat in this stew. Allan offers tips on subjects ranging from negotiation skills, convincing a buyer that now is the time to buy and listing presentations, to how to develop and maintain your sphere of influence – your main source of business.

Allen’s idea of fun is developing your entire career from your sphere of influence, meaning you never have to call FSBOS or expired listings to get business.

“Making gobs of money is fun. Getting steady streams of referrals is fun. Being a master negotiator is fun. Solving problems is fun,” writes Allan. “Being an exceptional real estate agent is fun.”

And reading this book is fun too because it doesn’t sound like a textbook, but more like advice from a friend.

PutThePenDown_Cover webPut the Pen Down

What Homebuyers and Sellers Need to Know Before Signing on the Dotted Line

By Mark Weisleder



Toronto real estate lawyer and speaker Mark Weisleder says he wrote Put the Pen Down in order to simplify the buying and selling process for consumers. “My goal is that the only time you have to visit a lawyer if you are a seller is to pick up your cheque after the deal closes and if you are a buyer, to pick up your keys.”

He’s quick to point out that it’s not a book geared to FSBOS, and he strongly recommends using a real estate professional.

The book tackles several current and potentially controversial topics, such as dealing with multiple offers, real estate fraud and Internet scams, “no money down” real estate seminars and FINTRAC requirements. There’s a section dealing with landlord and tenant rights, and another one specifically about condominiums. A final chapter talks about what happens when all else fails and legal proceedings are launched. In all, it’s an excellent primer on buying and selling real estate in Canada today.

books1Realty Check

Real Estate Secrets for First-Time Canadian Home Buyers

By Sandra Rinomato


Wiley Books

Toronto sales rep Sandra Rinomato is the host Property Virgins, a popular HGTV show in which she helps first-time buyers search for and purchase a home.

This book is an extension of that show, using stories about first-time buyers to demonstrate various facets of the home buying process. It’s written in the same cheerful, common sense tone that Rinomato brings to the tv show, covering the usual topics of finding a Realtor, knowing what kind of home you want, getting finances in order and condominiums.

An entertaining chapter called Big Bad Realtor spends three pages talking about how and why Rinomato dumped two boyfriends, then comparing her situation to that of a first-time buyer couple who don’t trust real estate people because of a bad experience they had with one. Rinomato wins them over and together they find a house.

It’s a chatty, informative book that’s perfect for young buyers.

Available at bookstores.


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