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The Canadian Landlord’s Guide
By Douglas Gray and Peter Mitham
$24.38 at

Former Vancouver real estate lawyer Douglas Gray has written eight books about Canadian real estate matters, and many more books for small businesses. His latest offers advice for anyone who is thinking of becoming a landlord, whether it’s as a real estate investor with rental properties or is someone thinking of renting out their basement to help cover their mortgage payments.
Gray describes the book as “a step-by-step guide to property ownership from purchase through to sale. It includes information designed to make it a reference for both novice and veteran property investors alike.”
It covers residential, commercial and recreational properties. The book includes a detailed checklist as well as other useful charts and worksheets.
The Homeowner’s Guide to Managing a Renovation
By Susan E. Solakian
$16.68 at

Well-illustrated with colour photographs and floorplans, this book promises to be “your guardian angel from the time you make the first list of what you want to change, until you write the final cheque to the contractor, providing all the information and encouragement you need to tackle even the most complex project.”
It covers topics such as how to hold contractors to their promises, how to find a good general contractor, and dealing with “surprises” that often seem to pop up during renovations.
Your Million Dollar Network
By July Ono
On the Beach Education Corp.
$24.97 at 
B.C. author July Ono owns and manages a $30 million commercial real estate portfolio, and offers coaching and mentoring programs for real estate investors.
“I am here to tell you that building a million dollar network is easy, once you know how to do it,” writes Ono. “And once you start you will wonder why you never started this sooner. It’s all about managing and following up with the people you meet. The fortune is in the follow up…and the follow up….and the follow up.”
She says building relationships is the first step, and then keeping in touch with a newsletter is the critical next step. She says that by “leveraging the power of relationships”, her system can make any business virtually self-sustaining.
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