The No. 1 Re/Max office in the world didn’t get that way by settling for the status quo the first time they earned that accolade. Re/Max Real Estate (Central) in Calgary has held a title that has attracted new and experienced agents to join their brokerage for nearly 20 years.

But after so many years with the same owner, same name, same building, how do they keep from becoming just the “same old, same old”?

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And an even bigger question, how do they continue to compete with new and shiny brokerages?

This brokerage has top-producing agents who willingly share at regular meetings. As the saying goes, “like attracts like” and they have kept up incredible momentum in this way. With the industry members being condensed in each city, people know who the successful agents are by their reputations. When a good handful all live at the same solid brokerage it’s bound to influence agents to take a second look.

The brokerage has a “chief happiness officer”. His eyes are always open for what’s next. By his example he shows new agents how to overcome obstacles and helps give them ideas for exposing themselves online – appropriately.

Whether it’s digital technology, new contracts, changes to the FINTRAC forms or new ideas for social media, when agents feel like they are “in the know”, the confidence and skills propel them forward.

When a strong mindset and positive emotions are built up, then big business is only a few steps away. This brokerage continues offering weekly meetings where agents meet in person and rub elbows, which also prevents the loneliness and isolation some Realtors can suffer from.

Original owner Pat Hare wouldn’t agree that all the bells and whistles is what makes a great agent or brokerage. He offers balanced advice for getting business the “old fashioned” way, by actually meeting people in person and staying in touch via the phone. As he has said more than once, “Your database is your goldmine, and the phone is your cash register.”

There are sometimes situations that demand skills that are out of the management’s wheelhouse. In these cases, collaboration with others is the only way to go.

  • Who can help re-design the office? The brokerage recently remodelled so that their office space reflects the up-to-date styles of the 21st century instead of 1975.
  • Who can launch a brokerage Instagram account? If agents are on social media, brokerages need to be as well. Their Instagram page is a good example of adding value with expertise.
  • Should they access Facebook with a private group for agents? Almost 10 years ago, Re/Max Central was one of the first to implement a private Facebook group for their agents and administrative staff as a key resource for questions and conversation. It offers peer-to-peer support.

You don’t have to be everything to everyone, but you do need to have every skill accounted for among the members.

These keys have built and continue to drive this old-school brokerage into the new age economy.


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