The Home Value Estimator has launched on

Re/Max has teamed with Teranet to offer a Home Value Estimator on its Canadian website.

“Today’s homebuyers and sellers are savvier than ever, and most do their own research before reaching out to a real estate agent to start the process,” says Christopher Alexander, EVP and regional director at Re/Max of Ontario-Atlantic Region. “A big part of the decision to buy or sell is determining if it makes sense financially. Unfortunately, home values have always been a murky area for consumers, as prices vary dramatically from one city to the next, and even between neighbourhoods within the same city. Our new Home Value Estimator provides that insight on demand, empowering consumers to make an informed decision.”

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Users must register on the site and enter a Canadian address that isn’t already listed by a real estate agent. The home value estimate appears at the top of the searched property page.

“The Home Value Estimator leverages Teranet’s national property information database and sophisticated mathematical models to produce current market estimates for residential properties across Canada,” says John Robinson, vice president, commercial solutions at Teranet.

Elton Ash, regional EVP, Re/Max of Western Canada says, “Anecdotally, we’ve already received a lot of positive feedback regarding the usefulness of this tool during our pilot project in Kelowna, B.C. We’re excited to now offer free home estimates for communities across the entire country.”

The company says the estimator is intended as a guide, and homebuyers and sellers are encouraged to contact a Re/Max agent for an accurate market valuation.


  1. Hmmm….

    “Won’t happen!”
    “Never gonna happen!”
    “You have no idea what you are talking about!”

    ” The DDF will not allow American Franchisors to set up a Zillow like website!”

    “The franchisors have no interest in setting up a competing site or to take web traffic from their own
    sales reps. No…No this is a total misrepresentation of what they are going to do!”

    Lead to the slaughter!


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