Re/Max Canada recently rolled out its booj platform to its Western Canada region, with a plan to launch it across Ontario and Atlantic Canada by the end of 2022. This follows a successful 2019 launch to Re/Max, LLC’s company-owned regions in the United States.

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Re/Max LLC purchased booj, an award-winning real estate web development and software firm, in 2018. It offers an integrated suite of digital products to empower agents, teams and brokers to proactively establish, manage and grow client relationships, the company says.


The platform is designed to deliver a better customer experience by streamlining the work of agents, the company says. Customer relationship management (CRM) is at the core of the platform, with additional integrated features including digital branding, lead capture, client engagement and deal management.

“booj comes from a deep understanding of the marketplace and the unique needs of Re/Max affiliates,” says Elton Ash, Re/Max Canada’s EVP. “We solicited input from thousands of Re/Max brokers and agents and applied their feedback to deliver a tool that helps them do what they do best.”

The platform addresses the need for a holistic real estate technology solution as a better option to other siloed, third-party solutions, Re/Max says. With CRM at its core, it integrates transaction management partners including DocuSign, dotloop and zipLogix, it says. “By offering integrations with key partners, Re/Max ensures that agents can continue using products they know and trust, while allowing data to flow back into the booj platform to keep all their information centralized and easy to access,” the company says.

“Future development is guided by feedback from Re/Max brokers and agents. We will continue optimizing and building on the booj platform over time,” says Christopher Alexander, president of Re/Max Canada. “Our objective is to remain at the forefront of the real estate industry. When homebuyers and sellers decide to work with a Re/Max agent, they can rest assured that their agent comes equipped with the tools to deliver a professional, efficient and smooth home-buying or selling experience.”


  1. A question arises regarding the CRM… … what happens to the Realtors client information should that Realtor decide to leave and join another firm…Is the information used as mental blackmail IE company now starts contacting the clients or does the client contact info belong to the agent and s/he can take it with him/her?

    • Hi Robert:

      Thanks for your note about REM and the use of the RE/MAX trademark.

      If you are using the name for any advertising purpose, you are quite right, it must be in caps and with the trademark symbol.

      For editorial, most newspapers and magazines in North America, including REM, follow the Associated Press or Canadian Press Style Books for the news articles. This style does not call for the use of full capitals or the trademark registration mark, even for registered marks.

      It’s a similar situation for REALTOR, which as you know, is also a trademark. It is never seen in news stories in caps and with the symbol. CREA allows the media to display REALTOR by only capitalizing the “R” and without the trademarked symbol. Since the very beginning of trademarks, most companies have adopted a similar policy, or simply ignore the mis-use of the trademarks in the news media.

      The reason why newspapers and magazines don’t follow company trademark styles is because the stories are reporting on company news…it’s not about marketing. If you ever see an article in which the company name has the trademark symbol each time it is referenced, you can be pretty sure that the article was paid for by that company.


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