Redfin, which launched its Canadian property search website and first Canadian office in Toronto in February, has formed a strategic referral alliance with Re/Max.

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The alliance expands a long-standing relationship between Redfin and Re/Max in the U.S. In areas where Redfin does not have offices, Redfin refers customers to approved Partner Agents at other brokerages, including participating Re/Max agents. When the customer closes on a home purchase or sale, Redfin receives a referral fee.

Redfin says it will only partner with Re/Max in Canada.

As part of the agreement, Redfin says it is streamlining the onboarding process for Re/Max agents to join the Redfin Partner Program and reducing the referral fee for Re/Max Partner Agents in Canada from 30 per cent to 25 per cent of the commission. The exclusivity agreement is for two years to start, after which the companies will have the opportunity to extend.

Where both companies have agents, “the current spirit of competition will continue,” say the companies in a news release. “The agreement does not prevent either brokerage from serving clients anywhere.”

“By combining our expansive network of professional agents across the U.S. and Canada with Redfin’s massive online audience, consumers are connected with best-in-class agents, and our affiliates are given exclusive access to a rich source of referrals. Everybody wins,” says said Adam Contos, CEO of Re/Max, LLC.


  1. I have never been a fan of Realtors receiving referral fees. Receiving 25 percent to pass on a name doesn’t make sense. Redfin will be paid more to refer a customer than they would make if they actually sold or listed a home with their lower service fees. I would be more impressed if Redfin referred the parties to another Realtor that offered comparable services for a similar price. It appears that the Redfin / Remax referral program is to benefit Realtors and not the cosumers. Anyhow it appears to be a big waste of time since a 2 person Redfin office will never be sending enough referrals to Remax to make the program successful. I am amazed that Remax or Redfin would even consider such a relationship in the first place. Good luck.

  2. You can’t make this stuff up. Was Liniger even asked about this insane strategy?

    Redfin is nothing more than a One Listing Brokerage looking to con the public into believing old con games used by brokerages in the past are really not a con. At the same time REDFIN is actively trying to take away marketshare from RE/MAX Franchisees. I mean are you this stupid!!

    Redfin in Canada has what 2 sales reps and now they get the full power of 30 years of building the RE/MAX brand by 100s of thousands of brand users in Canada and a referral fee to boot? I mean you really cannot make this stuff up!

    If I was a RE/MAX desk renter today I would be demanding REDFIN never gets to claim they are working with me! What business in their right mind opens the door of the hen house, hands the wolf the axe and bares their neck of the planned cut the wolf is only thinking about.

    I guess when the Master Franchisor is only looking out for themselves this is what you get. Subway allowing their brand to be used by Joe’s Subs to imply to consumers it’s ok to buy a Joe’s Sub because they are the same as Subway….after all that is where they refer their sub buyers when they go to the big city.

    What has RE/MAX become in 2019 I cannot determine but I it is blatantly clear they are preparing for the next revolution in real estate brokerages and not protecting their current Franchisees.

    Hey guys RE/MAX Master Franchisor wants all the sold data from across Canada to drive traffic away from your local brokerage website to They are not only talking to CREA they now have direct sleeping privileges at CREA Head Office which Joe Smith Brokerage does not!

    You have been conned. Deal with it or Deal with it!


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