Agent rating and review website has updated its ranking algorithm to give recent ratings and reviews an increased impact on rankings.

The move is intended to improve the consumer experience when researching the ratings, the company says, because it will be easier to compare current reviews of the top agents.

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In a news release, top-ranked Ottawa sales rep Yasmin Fues says, “The emphasis on recency will make it more fair for agents to earn a top ranking,” says Fues. “It’s easier for buyers and sellers, that’s what’s important.”

Mike Blaney, president of real estate marketing firm Limelight Marketing, says, “Agents neglect online reviews at their own peril. It’s their reputation in a digital world. Consumers increasingly look to online reviews to help them choose who to work with.”

The company says that it may now be easier for agents new to the platform to attain a top ranking.


  1. Nelson,
    No, does not edit the ratings of consumers. Agents are not able to edit or hide reviews either. There are policies in place to detect, block, & eliminate spam and fake reviews.

  2. Do you edit your Consumer Ratings?

    Opps….in Ontario that is illegal under REBBA 2002 . Call your Brokerage solicitor and ask her why?

    or maybe you hope Joe won’t look?


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