Real estate books: Legal Responsibilities and 10 Habits of Successful Investors

This popular textbook by research lawyer Rosemary Bocska and Toronto lawyer and frequent REM contributor Martin Rumack is now in its fourth edition. It’s not all dry legalese.

Foundations for Success by Stephen L. Silver: A great training guide

This no nonsense, no fluff, meat and potatoes book by Steve Silver called "Foundations for Success" is a great Canadian real estate training guide, available now on or directly from his website.
Glenn McQueenie

Glenn McQueenie offers book on how to double your income for free

“I wrote the book to reach other agents across the country who are not with my brokerages, but who really want great training and are happy at their brokerage,” says Glenn McQueenie, who is offering his 68-page book to readers for free.

Books on avoiding jail, making more money, home inspection, sustainable homes

Books of interest to Canadian real estate professionals

Real Estate Books

Buying U.S. real estate; Barron’s dictionary; Bruce Keith collection

Working with investors pays off

You’ll be a better Realtor if you experience real estate investing first-hand, says author Tahani Aburaneh

Real Estate Books: Commercial real estate, condos and fat cats

Plus how to make it in real estate, The Home Reference Book, and the second reprint of a novel with a message for real estate professionals

Real Estate Books: Prospecting, Buying in the U.S. and legal responsibilities of agents

Prospecting with Soul, buying in the U.S. and the latest Dummies real estate books for Canadians

Real Estate Books: Mortgage Wealth, Harmonious Environment and more

A look at some recent titles: Private Mortgage Wealth; Life Rich Real Estate; Legal, Tax & Accutinging Strategies for the Canadian Real Estate Investor; and Harmonious Environment

Real Estate Books: From investing to root cellars

Keys to real estate investing, bursting bubble myths and root cellars