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Why good proptech goes bad

To untangle the thorny web that catches proptech entrepreneurs off-guard, I turned to possibly the most plugged-in industry leaders in Canada – Lynette Keyowski, managing partner of REACH Canada and Mike McAra, director of REACH Canada.

Kathleen Black offers new coaching series

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC), based in Oshawa, Ont. is introducing an all-new coaching series that it says is designed to get proven, predictable results faster: Top 1% Life and Industry Icons.

Teranet joins Stratus to launch new platform for TRREB

REALM will be delivered via desktop and mobile app to more than 66,000 TRREB and partner board members.

TRREB to make BrokerBay showing service available to members

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board will add BrokerBay, a showing management system, to its core products and services for members this fall.

Microsoft Bing selects Realtor.ca DDF

Microsoft has selected Realtor.ca DDF to be the sole source of listing data for the launch of a new Microsoft Bing search experience. The listings will be contextually relevant based on a user’s search and will all link directly back to Realtor.ca.

Teranet makes strategic investment in R-LABS Partnership

Teranet is making a strategic investment in the R-LABS Canada Limited Partnership, a partnership of corporations working to deliver innovation in the real estate industry.
Banty founders Scott Wilson, left and Marc Tytus

Banty video conferencing app customized for Realtors

Banty.com is offering real estate salespeople a video conferencing solution that has a “number of tools designed to keep their deals moving,” the company says.

BisRing launches app for real estate investors and service providers

BisRing, which bills itself as The Ultimate Real Estate Network, recently launched a new mobile app. It will connect real estate investors and homeowners with service providers and is available for free via Apple and Google Play stores.
Anna Depalma

Sponsored: ‘You have to be online for people to see you’: One Ontario REALTOR®’s...

For Depalma, the COVID-19 pandemic further emphasized the need to focus on digital marketing. “You have to be online for people to see you,” she said. “That’s why I invested in a GoDaddy website.”

5 Ways Realtors and brokerages can use digital to boost sales

Most real estate agents would agree that their online presence has become more important over the years but with so many tools, platforms and strategies available, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts.