Planning for 2016 – not again Albert! Are you kidding us? You’ve written about this every year for the last 20 years. Not again please!

Yes, loyal fans, here it is again, but it’s very, very simple.

Who, what, when, where, how and why…according to the famous author, Rudyard Kipling, these were the only words one needed to resolve any plans, problems or issues.

Does a plan have to be six pages or more on Excel spread sheets? For some of us that may work; others will say, “Why bother?”

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Here’s a plan that’s foolproof and concise and to the point. Beside each plan idea, insert a dollar value based on your area’s average sale price and average referral fee that you are offered.

You must write the plan yourself. It must state the number of hours per week you are going to work, the number of listings you’re planning to get and the number you’ll get from referrals. Include mortgage referral fees given by mortgage brokers and banks.

How are you going to develop your sphere of influence to reach these goals? Are you going to work from home or an office? Why?

How is your plan going to impact your home life? How many vacations are you going to take?

You should review your progress monthly with your broker or manager or team leader – maybe your significant other could help as well.

Coming up with a plan and sticking to it separates you from the other 80 per cent of the agents who will just be satisfied with going from one sale to the next, with no idea whatsoever as to how much money they will eventually make this year.

Do any of you think General Motors sits down and plans to increase its sales by just pulling a figure out of the air? You can’t be serious!

In the movie Patton, General Patton defeated Rommel’s tank corps by reading Rommel’s book about strategy and then setting out a plan with his generals to defeat him. In holding those accountable to his plan, Patton won the day.

Make a detailed plan and follow it every day. Don’t be distracted and you’ll wind up in the top 20 per cent and not in the 80 per cent who do, on average, about 4.5 deals per year.

Who is going to hold you accountable so you can win the day?


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