Land owner transparency registry coming soon to B.C.

In the coming months, a new land owner transparency registry, a fundamental requirement under the Land Owner Transparency Act, is expected to come into effect in B.C.

COVID-19: Tenant rights, evictions and rent

During this unprecedented time, the rules, relief available and government statements are ever changing. And they’re changing because of the various impacts COVID-19 is having on how and if we can work and how we live.

COVID-19: Clauses and forms we’re using to protect agents and clients

Despite the slowdown in the market, there may still be circumstances where essential “in-person” showings and appointments must be held.

Protecting your deals during COVID-19

During this difficult time of isolation due to COVID-19, everyone must do what they can to make sure buyers and sellers can still successfully enter into and complete their real estate contracts.

Getting it in writing may not be enough

This case provides several important lessons about the dangers of miscommunication and not putting everything into a lease, despite written emails and good intentions.

Buyers’ deposits not above the law in pre-incorporation contracts

The Court of Appeal found that the phrase “without any personal liabilities” was to be interpreted in the context of a contract as a whole, not applying just to the deposit.

Powers of attorney and living wills

Along with a will, there are three other separate free-standing documents you need to have to protect your family: two types of powers of attorney and a living will, also known as an advance care directive.

What’s in a day? A lot: Subleases and lease assignments

In V Hazelton Limited v. Perfect Smile Dental Inc., the tenant, with the landlord’s permission, decided to relocate his business and sublease his unit to a subtenant.

Setting up a home business: What you and your clients should know

If you or your clients are thinking of operating a business from their home, here are some things to consider.

Sales reps’ commission claims unsuccessful

In Ngai v. Fufa Limited, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided that the absence of a valid agreement between a seller and her agent invalidated the agent’s claim to commission from a sale.