Barry Lebow talks to Bob Aaron about wills and estates

In this video, I interview Bob about misconceptions involving wills, including what will happen if you die without a will (no, the government doesn’t take it all).

Buyer’s failure to waive conditions nullifies Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Buyers should not assume that communications with a seller during the conditional period will extend the deadline or require a seller to accept unilateral demands for amendments to the agreement.

Why the Federal Court ruled against TRREB on privacy and copyright matters

The first quarter of 2021 has been a busy jurisprudential time for the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board. Both decisions highlight the importance of following proper procedure and taking any required steps before commencing an action in court.

Buyer loses $100,000 deposit after refusing to purchase condo

In response to the seller’s claim for the $100,000 deposit, the buyer took the position that the court should grant relief from forfeiture in order to prevent the seller from obtaining an unconscionable windfall by keeping her deposit.

Sharing is caring: Prescriptive easements of shared driveways

Shared driveways are a common feature of many residential properties and it can often be hard to define exactly where one person’s property ends and another’s begins.

Commission claim dismissed – buyer representation agreement ruled unenforceable

Agents often require buyer clients to enter into a Buyer’s Representation Agreement (BRA), which sets out the buyer’s agreement to pay the agent a commission on certain terms.

Ontario’s new estates law changes – what you need to know

Estates law in Ontario has undergone a noteworthy change: There has been a sizeable increase to the value of what is known as a surviving spouse’s “preferential share” of the other spouse’s estate.

Courts show little empathy for failed purchasers

Purchasers should take these risks to heart: the courts will not impose a duty on purchasers to extend closing dates, as it would effectively be to condone breach of contract.

When are buyers entitled to rescind a purchase agreement?

While the discovery of incorrect descriptions as to the size of a property or unpermitted renovations may allow a buyer to terminate a purchase transaction, that is not always the case.

Signed, sealed, delivered…I’m yours?

This case addresses the interesting issue of whether the words “signed, sealed and delivered”, which appears on the standard form OREA Agreement to Purchase and Sale, meets the “sealed contract” rule in law.