Unfulfilled promise to transfer family property upheld by appeal court

In a recent decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal addressed the longstanding relationship in estate litigation between the enforceability of promises, unjust enrichment and the remedy of constructive trust.

Specific performance in a hot housing market

In Thillairajan v. Sivasubramaniam the court contemplated the remedy of specific performance in this hot housing market climate and concluded that it is a relevant factor in granting this remedy.

Understanding Canada’s anti-spam and do-not-call rules

No matter how diligent a Realtor is in following Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission policy when it comes to spam and do-not-call lists, it’s tough to understand the full scope of your obligations and risks.

Avoiding trouble when selling properties with tenants

Here’s an article about how agents can avoid a mistake and a potential lawsuit when selling a property with a tenant.

Mistakes that land salespeople in litigation

Too many court cases involving agents are a result of one common denominator – not doing due diligence. Here are some recommendations on how not to get sued by doing a proper job when buying or listing.

Some important tips for rural and cottage property buyers

The market for recreational properties continues to boom. Make sure there are no hidden surprises once the deal is done. Here are a few tips.

Buyers bound to agreement negotiated by family friend

Buyers who rely on real estate services provided by a family friend would do well to ensure that they are fully aware of the...

Dispute over fence location results in liability for trespass

In Lombardo v. 2672140 Ontario Inc., 2021 ONSC 5523 (CanLII), the parties owned adjacent properties in Flamborough, Ont., and were embroiled in a dispute over where a fence separating the properties should be located.

The perils of not having a written contract for a home construction project

If disputes arise between the homeowner and the contractor, the first step to resolve matters should be to review the original written contract. But what happens when all that parties have to rely on is a verbal agreement?

Condominium owner liable for costs due to tenant’s misconduct

A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice demonstrates the limitations faced by a condominium and unit owner to evict a tenant from the building, and the consequences to a unit owner for the destructive conduct of her tenant.