No duty of care owed by seller to confirm buyers had financing

Cases arising out of the 2017 market correction in the Greater Toronto Area continue to result in decisions favouring innocent sellers and substantial damages awarded against defaulting buyers.

Sexting leads to order to vacate co-op residence

Sexting unwanted, unsolicited photographs could cause you to lose your home, or worse, be criminally charged.

B.C. court awards damages arising from Realtor’s liability for foreign buyers’ tax

A recent trial judgment assessed whether the buyers’ real estate agent and lawyer were liable for failing to draw the foreign buyers’ tax to their clients’ attention.

Seller ruled not negligent after bats found in B.C. home

A colony of bats discovered by purchasers inside their home sparked a dispute that ended in a B.C. court with Judge Judith Doulis pronouncing it “an archetypical case of buyer’s remorse.”

Municipal snow removal bylaws not cut-and-dried

Bylaw departments would have you believe the law is clear about who is responsible to clear snow and ice off city sidewalks. But that’s not true.

Anticipatory breach in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

In Sheik v. Lebovic Enterprises Limited, the court analyzed the actions of the parties to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) to determine if there was an anticipatory breach of the contract.

Evicting a tenant for personal use of your property

This article relates to an Ontario landlord and tenant matter – specifically, when tenants think they have more ownership over a property than the actual owner.

Sellers can’t rely on “escape clause” to accept a better offer

In some cases, sellers may wish to hedge their bets by accepting a conditional offer that contains a term allowing them to continue to market the property for sale until the deal is firm.

FINTRAC: 5 things to remember in 2022

Here are answers to five of the most frequently asked questions I receive when conducting FINTRAC updates for brokerages and real estate boards.

Lessons learned after ethics accusations from an ex-husband

A real estate agent contacted our office seeking legal advice on how to handle a complaint against her to the Real Estate Council of Ontario. The following is how our office handled the complaint and proved her innocence.