A rendering of the proposed Pacific Maritime Centre.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Oceanside Real Estate to represent Maritime Museum of British Columbia

Coldwell Banker Commercial Oceanside Real Estate has been hired to represent the Maritime Museum of British Columbia in leasing its proposed Pacific Maritime Centre (PMC).

Developer deals: Convey parkland to the city, or pay cash-in-lieu?

Can real estate developers demand they be given the option of paying cash-in-lieu rather than conveying away valuable land?
David Bowden

Colliers launches new advisory and consulting division

Commercial real estate firm Colliers Canada recently launched a new initiative, the Colliers Strategy & Consulting Group. The new business line is being led by David Bowden, former CEO of Colliers Canada.

A tale of two investments: Part 2

Which real estate investment would you be more confident to invest in? Let us know on Twitter @ApexRealtyInve1 and @REM_Online. Please be sure to link to this story when you share your answer.

A tale of two investments

Once upon a time, in a neighborhood not so far away, there lived two investors who made different choices. Who fared better? You be the judge.

Ontario landlords beware: Requirements and pitfalls of Bill 192

Bill 192, Protecting Small Business Act, 2020 came into force on June 18. The goal of the act was to strong-arm qualifying landlords into the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program.

Getting commercial buildings ready for back to work

Clean it and they will come. Don’t and it could cost you your business. If a customer, client or guest looks into your business and doesn’t think it’s safe to venture inside, chances are they won’t.

Commercial property owners call for direct support for small business

A coalition of commercial property owners across Canada is calling on provincial governments to provide direct supports to struggling small businesses, instead of blanket non-eviction measures.

Why landlords are not applying to the commercial rent relief program

Many lawyers are counseling landlords to not agree to the CECRA program if the landlord wouldn’t be financially able to grant the rent reduction without financial assistance from the government. Why?

Hotel industry recovery will take three years, says CBRE

A report by CBRE says COVID-19 “has impacted the Canadian accommodation industry more suddenly and severely than any other commercial real estate sector.”