My fear of video and how I overcame it


Have a fear of video and wondering how to overcome it? I was in that same situation – sweaty palms, feeling very self-conscious, nervous about going on camera.

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But I was able to overcome those issues and you can too. If you are a Realtor and need some tips on how to feel more natural on camera, watch this video.

Shawn Bell
Shawn Bell has been a Realtor since 2004 and is part-owner of Century 21 Drive in Lloydminster, on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Shawn consistently ranks in the top 1% for Century 21 Canada and attributes most of that to the use of technology. Shawn grew up working on computers and before getting into real estate was a computer tech. Now he teaches other Realtors how to do the same with his YouTube channel and also runs a course teaching Realtors how to go from not knowing what to post on social media and no following to having a strategic social media plan that generates an audience of high quality leads so that they can reduce stress and generate a never ending list of clients.


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