Re: Is it time for CREA to hire a lobbyist?

The myths presented in the letter are erroneous. We don’t host cocktail parties. We have made over a dozen submissions on FINTRAC. We advocate regularly on the stress test.

When it comes to lobbying expertise, CREA is ranked in the top 100 lobbyists in Canada – there are currently some 9,000 registered federal lobbyists.

In fact, in the last election, both the Liberals and Conservatives included our lobbying asks in their platforms. In this years’ budget, both were implemented and more, including a $1.5 billion program to support new home buyers. We are proud of our team at CREA and the Realtors who helped make this happen in Ottawa at PAC days and in their communities with MPs.

If the letter writer wants more information for future columns, I would be happy to provide him with facts for use in a future article.


Michael Bourque
CEO, The Canadian Real Estate Association

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  1. The New Geoff speaks.

    The hilarity in this rebuttal says why the REALTOR trademark is now worthless and worse even damaging to the long term survival of the best performing sales reps in the country. I mean come on when you allow FSBO companies to take over your brand because you failed decades ago to create an enforceable licensing agreement what more needs to said.

    I suspect no one told Michael about the scam CREA Staff tried to run on it’s members in the immediate days before the Canadian non-profit rules changed but luckily they failed and today all members are entitled to an equal share value in if they so decide the disagree with any changes CREA makes to it.

    CREA is controlled by Centris and TREB which is why you will eventually see listings be removed off with Centris and TREB to immediately follow. CREA’s greatest mistake the DDF with allows Zillow free access ($5000/yr) to every single listing posted through it is absurd and something American MLS systems and their highly successful business owner brokerages would never allow to happen.

    Apparently Michael believes allowing $10,000 more to be withdrawn from an RRSP to buy a home is a good idea and he thinks that will allow his members to con young families into misusing their RRSP and binding them to 15 years of risk of Taxation for failure to repay? This guy is simply unqualified to speak on a topic I suspect his total experience in in the one or two homes he bought in his lifetime. Sorta like good old Klump the guy who forced RAHB to embarrass itself by being outed as publishing fake house sale records over the last few years so TREB whose voice was in his ear is left off the hook.

    The Lambs being lead to the slaughter is pretty easy when the median REALTOR did not sell a home in 2018. Imagine the 65,000 sales reps who got conned into paying CREA dues, Provincial Dues, MLS Memberships, Licensing Fees, Desk Fees and not sell ONE home in the year?

    Michael oversees a system designed to profit from failure which in turn is never addressed to keep memberships renewed. There were less than 3 homes sold in Canada per REALTOR on the MLS systems in 2018 and then Michael pretends this is enough skill to council young Canadian families into entering a 25 year debt repayment commitment?

    I wonder if the original documentation that laid our the MLS HPI was ever read to Michael. I suspect not and the commission hiding function of the HPI has conveniently been “forgotten” by the Klump’s team who wanted job security at the expense of members reputations.

    Remember when every single President of CREA interviewed by REM always had Geoff at their side speaking the falsehoods to ensure no provincial trading charges could be made from the REM articles?

    I guess the New Geoff will do the misrepresentations this time around.

    • Here here…
      Nelson, please continue to speak your points of view. I for one appreciate it & do learn from your engagement.
      I can also say the same for Brian Martindale.
      So, thank you both.

  2. Michael:

    The fact that you felt the need to rebut the CREA-offending article says it all. You should be more concerned about what your dues-payers think of you and the CREAcrats vs what you think of yourselves.

    I conducted a poll herein a few years ago and sixty-three per cent of many hundreds of Realtor respondents voted to get rid of CREA. I would wager that not much has changed in the interim.

    BTW: I personally lobbied the then Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (whom I knew personally)to get rid of Melanie Aitkin, the then-new head honcho at the Competition Bureau (the new Sherriff in town, as she was touted by the Globe and Mail). He lobbied Mel’s boss and Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, via letters written by me which he hand delivered to both noted persons. Jim the -editor-guy might still have those letters on file. Mel was gone five weeks later…mysteriously resigned.


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