The people around you have a significant impact on how you think and how you act … and who you are. As Earl Nightingale said many years ago, “Your income will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So, no matter how you try to shield yourself from negative people, it is much safer to spend time with positive people.

Picture yourself on a rubber raft at the beach on a beautiful calm sunny day. There’s no wind and you don’t seem to be moving anywhere. Twenty minutes later you look up and you are 100 yards down the beach from where you started out. How did that happen?

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It’s the same with those you associate with. They will move you in a plus or minus direction even though you don’t notice it. It’s very subtle but it’s always happening.

Here’s a great strategy to ensure that you move down the beach in the right direction. Take an inspiring person to lunch every two weeks. Interview different people and ask them a series of questions. Things like, “What inspires you? What books are you reading? What would you do differently next time around?”

These interviewees don’t have to be real estate salespeople – speak to anyone in your community you know who is interesting. In following this approach personally, here’s what I learned – inspiring and interesting people love to help others. You won’t have any trouble finding people to take to lunch. Start putting it in your calendar and be sure to have your questions ready.

Spend time with people who will lift you up. Find out how they think, how they live and how they act. Their inspiring mindset will contribute significantly to your mindset and your attitude. Don’t try to do it on your own. No one ever developed a winning mindset in isolation.

Draw from others and ask lots of questions. Find out how they think rather than telling them how you think. Here’s the fun part: follow this plan and some day someone will want to take you to lunch for the very same reason! No excuses.


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