Do you know how to turn those cold calls into warm calls? How do you motivate your team to close more first appointments, build rapport over the phone and follow up effectively? It all starts with having the right attitude and systems in place.

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Salespeople are a tricky bunch. Many feel that picking up the phone to cold call is “below them.”

Yet, with the pandemic and even prior to it, prospecting has been imperative to refilling the sales funnel in order to close more business. Many salespeople are comfortable with dealing with only with existing clients and could be missing out on a ton of deals if their attitude can change so they are constantly prospecting.

Cold calling is not just for new folks in telemarketing roles or joining a new company. Picking up the phone should be seen as something you do to schedule a meeting. You are not trying to land a listing over the phone.

What about new sales reps who have little experience dealing with rejection? No one likes to be turned down over and over again. But there is a way out, thankfully. Using a strong script with three key points keeps things simple and real over the phone.  Providing not too much and not too little amounts of information is a good start. Knowing how many calls to make per day will also provide structure and a way of measuring one’s efforts.

Next, learning how to qualify appointments, set more appointments and essentially increase your overall bottom line, will keep you motivated to constantly stay on top of your team. Cold calling involves continued practice and refinement. For instance, you can leave progressive voice messages, and send follow up emails when there is a low response rate. Knowing your numbers and understanding your sales cycle is the basis for improvement and knowing what to expect. No surprises. Just focus on what works and instruct your team on how to stay on track.


  1. For every “yes” one garners, maybe twenty-five, fifty, or even a hundred recipients of those cold calls get pissed off at the cold caller. Could this be a reason Realtors are firmly mired at the bottom of the septic tank of the public’s perception of real estate agents? Yes, one might make a few more commissions over time, but at what cost to the “profession”? All that the cold-callers are doing is rearranging finite business amongst themselves and away from those who do not want to be known as piss-off artists. I never attempted a cold-call, and earned a nice income nevertheless. But what is regarded as a nice income to one might be looked upon as chump-change to another…like a greedy money-monger for instance…a wannabe number-one brass-ring-chaser of sorts. Aggressive Realtors are the bane of the “profession”. Methinks they think about themselves first and foremost vs their potential clients…whilst claiming the opposite. We all have to work for dollars, but it’s how we go about it that defines a pro from a hustler. Hustlers belong on the ski slopes of Olympic competitions, not on the other end of telephones in private citizens’ homes, especially when said citizens detest cold-calling salespeople disturbing their privacy. I guess having the phone constantly slammed down in one’s ear doesn’t faze some (most?) cold-calling specialists…those mercenary hard-asses posing as warm-hearted helpers. Ergo, maybe it’s ‘they’ who contribute most to that dastardly dim view the general public has of real estate agents.

    Thoughts? (That includes you, hard-asses.)

    • I couldn’t agree more. Cold calling and door knocking makes us look like beggars, lowering our rather mediocre (at best) reputation even further. . And the last time I checked we are supposed to check the “no call list” prior to calling to solicit any business. I am almost 100 % certain that nobody who makes random cold calls ever bothers.

  2. Great article. I remember speaking to a top-100 realtor with TREBB, who’s own business is predominantly geographic farming (she’s knocked on 1000’s of doors – she prefers doorknocking over calling,) and she mentioned that several of the top 100 realtors on TREBB are prospecting beasts. Cold calling, warm calling, they do it and do it a lot. I personally know of several top-producing realtors on TREBB who regularly spend hours prospecting on the phone, and have had high 6-figure and even 7-figure GCI businesses for many years. There are many ways to generate business, no doubt, but phone prospecting is very far from dead (if anything – it may actually be more productive now.)

    • Hi Andrew. Thanks for your kind note. Cold calling is very much alive. People need the human connection. Cold calls are supposed to turn warm – and not stay cold.
      Thanks again!


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