Recently I once again ventured to downtown Toronto to attend the Re/Max Broker/Owner Fall Conference.  This time I took a cab downtown. No parking worries, no traffic to fight.  I just sat back, relaxed and read the Globe & Mail. Forty-five minutes later I emerged into the hustle and chaos in front of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Arriving a little ahead of the 8:30 am start, I had some time to see a few old friends and get caught up on current business, our families and other good stuff. This is one of the things I most enjoy about attending conferences and seminars.

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There was an excellent line-up of guest speakers and the close-out speaker was Brian Buffini, who was not only insightful but also shared some startling and mind-stimulating thoughts from several industry surveys.  Laptops and iPads got a lot of action as attendees made notes to be shared later at meetings with other managers, owners and sales staff.

One of the surveys Mr. Buffini shared with us showed that many of our agents are now working from home rather than from the real estate office.  Many have found that they no longer need mortar and bricks to conduct a successful business, prompted in part by the advent of authorized electronic signatures.

The millennials, the younger, current generation (and younger than I by several decades) are extremely techno-savvy and excited and eager to experience the great advantages that new technology affords them.

If we owners, managers or sales agents believe we can use the same old methods of doing business as we have been doing for years, we run the risk of falling behind the times.  Yes, there will always be a niche for door knocking, cold calling and direct mail, but we must always be willing and able to stay ahead of the curve as well and embrace new technology as never before.

I think the whole key in going to seminars or conferences, in addition to meeting and renewing old acquaintances, is to take away four to five ideas that you can actually use and to pass these ideas to agents. When you do this, the result will be an improved bottom line.

Make your investment of time and money worthwhile. Conferences are more than parties and fun nights.

To all REM readers, have a great holiday season and all the best in the new year!


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