Lone Wolf Technologies’ Link, a two-way transaction management and back office integration, will be released this month.

Link is a two-way integration between TransactionDesk and brokerWOLF, Lone Wolf’s transaction management and back office and accounting solutions. The integration sends transactional data from the agent to the back office and back again in real time. This ensures salespeople and the brokerage’s staff always have the same transaction information and can communicate changes to each other in an instant, the company says.

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Lone Wolf says that more than 700,000 real estate agents are subscribed to TransactionDesk and more than 4,000 brokerages are using brokerWOLF.

“For the first time, agents and brokerages can share transaction and back office information in real time. This means simpler and faster transactions for all of the parties involved, whether they’re an agent, broker/owner, staff or even a home buyer or seller,” says Jack Blaha, CEO of Lone Wolf Technologies.

TransactionDesk is an online transaction management solution featuring eSignature, forms, MLS integration, document storage, broker dashboards, broker file review, transaction templates and company-wide checklists. brokerWOLF is a back office and accounting solution that combines traditional accounting functions, such as commissions, with operational functions, such as transactions. By connecting both solutions, Link gives brokerages one platform to manage their transactions from contract to close to general ledger. This reduces their risk of non-compliance and issuing funds too early, the company says.


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