Lone Wolf Technologies says it has developed real estate’s first integrated suites of technology solutions targeted to the specific and unique needs of residential real estate stakeholders: Agent Cloud, Team Cloud, Broker Cloud, Franchise Cloud and Organization Cloud.

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Lone Wolf Broker Cloud features real estate digital solutions for transactions, back office, accounting and business insights.

“The industry has long sought end-to-end solutions, but no one’s been able to make it happen. We’ve done that, and more,” says Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf. “By fully integrating our solutions and connecting them to some of the best tech providers in North America, we’ve not only delivered an end-to-end solution, but an entire suite of end-to-end solutions tailored to each stakeholder role in the industry.”

He says, “With Lone Wolf’s clouds, it’s now possible to have a complete – and completely connected – digital experience, whether you’re an agent, broker, administrator, or buyer and seller.”

The Broker Cloud features includes:

  • Lone Wolf Transactions, formerly known as zipForm Plus and TransactionDesk, a broker add-on to the national member benefits in both the U.S. and Canada. Transactions provides 99 per cent forms coverage in North America, an eSignature solution and a two-way integration between agents and the back office.
  • Lone Wolf Back Office, formerly known as brokerWOLF, the back office and accounting solution that the company says is used by more than 10,000 offices in North America. The solution connects to Transactions and features tools for agent management, accounting, commissions and business intelligence.
  • Lone Wolf Insights, an AI-enabled solution that translates back office data into plain language, providing brokers with insights to improve agent performance and bolster their coaching and retainment efforts.
  • Lone Wolf Marketplace, a curated library of digital tools that plug and play so that agents and brokerages can manage their client experience from start to finish in one solution.

“What makes our clouds truly special is they’re built around the transaction itself,” says Graeme Canivet, product director of transactions at Lone Wolf. “A transaction is the moment of truth that connects everyone – and everything – in real estate. It’s where agents, brokers, staff, buyers and sellers and third-party providers like title companies come together with a common goal. Our cloud solutions bring together the various people and technologies involved in a transaction, making it simpler for all.”

The Agent Cloud includes:

  • Lone Wolf Transactions, which powers the national member benefits in Canada and the U.S., as well as hundreds of local and state associations, to provide agents with MLS connectivity and the forms.
  • Authentisign, an eSignature tool, which processes over 22 million signatures a year and is built into Transactions, so agents do not have to export contracts to a third-party signing solution.
  • Lone Wolf EliteAgent, which provides additional digital tools to help drive agent productivity, including offer management, listing broadcast and mobile add-ons.

“One of the biggest obstacles real estate has in providing a complete digital experience is the adoption of new tech,” says Matt Keenan, chief revenue officer at Lone Wolf. “The acquisition of zipLogix and Instanet Solutions allowed Lone Wolf to build a best-in-class suite of solutions that is tightly integrated with MLSs and associations across North America, so agent adoption is already built in. With our cloud solutions, we believe it’s finally possible for all participants in the real estate industry to have an unparalleled digital real estate experience.”


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