Ron Richardson with his daughter Maureen Wood
Ron Richardson with his daughter Maureen Wood

Twenty-two past presidents of the London and St. Thomas Association of Realtors assembled at the Highland Country Club recently for the association’s annual Past Presidents Dinner.

Those in attendance included Ron Annis (1981-83), Greg Anthony (2000), Vince Bogdanski (1997), Dennis Broome (1996), Glen Gordon (2003), Michael Hines (2002), Peter Hoffman (1994), Jim Holody (2014), Jack Lane (2011), Nancy McCann (1998), Angus McLennan (1973), Harry Mohaupt (1987), Grant Monteith (1993), Rick Odegaard (2001), Doug Pedlar (2013), Joe Pinheiro (1986, 1992), Tony Sonderup (1989), Richard Thyssen (2010), Carl Vandergoot (2015), Gerry Weir (1999), Barb Whitney (2012) and LSTAR’s most senior statesman, Ron Richardson, whose first term took place 68 years ago in 1948. Richardson went on to serve two more terms, in 1949 and later in 1959.

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Asked how real estate has changed in the last six decades, Richardson said, “When I first started out in the business, 50 per cent of my sales were done on a handshake alone.”

In an interview conducted by LSTAR for a members’ publication, Richardson says, “In real estate, I could work on my own. In many ways a Realtor can set his own salary … the more he works, the more he takes home. It was a fast way to earn a higher income and, more importantly, it gave me a chance to meet a lot of wonderful people. The downside was I had less time to speak with my wife and growing family. Thank goodness I had an understanding, tolerant wife!”

Richardson, 98, says, “Most good Realtors are extroverts. They have to roll with the punches. It’s important they like people and want to see them find a home that they can be very happy in.”

His advice to Realtors who are new to the business?  “When I had appointments, I would try and get there a bit early so they would invite me in and I could learn a lot from their décor and furnishings.”

Also, “A four-door car is necessary. It must be clean and easy to get in and out of.”

Finally, “You are being paid like a professional, so look and act like one!”

“The collective wisdom and the depth of history this group represents is staggering,” says Stacey Evoy, LSTAR’s 2016 president. “When we come together like this, all these generations, I can’t help but be reminded what deep roots our association has in our community. It’s truly inspiring.”


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