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1 dan wood headshotBy Dan Wood

A simple sheet of paper you can download right now will make your sign calls easier. It can be used for Internet leads, open house notes and all ad calls – anything you should be following up on. It’s a free template that you can save and change. It already has the basic sections you need. It covers qualifying questions, saves the contact info, has the buyer and seller questionnaire and includes a simple follow-up plan.

When I was new to the business I was fortunate to get cold leads calling me right away (Internet leads). It was both amazing and a total disaster at the same time. I’d have scrap paper with random notes written all over the place. Many sheets had the notes from multiple calls. I would scribble outlines to group the notes. I’m sure you can relate.

I also didn’t have a database… so follow up was 100 per cent by memory (not a good thing). So I thought investing in a proper CRM (contact management system) would be the fix. The problem was I’d still be answering calls when I wasn’t at a computer or logged in… so most of the time I was back to using paper.

Having a real database is important. I’m not saying this replaces it… but it is a structured way to have the first conversation. Hand the sheet off to your admin, or add them to the database after. But on the call you need to be “in the conversation” and basic pen and paper will always win the race for most agents.

I pre-typed this questionnaire and had it broken down into the main sections. I printed off photocopies – left some in the car, some at home and some at the office. You can start using this today.

Ever notice when you get inbound calls you’re not expecting it? You’re doing something else and not prepared for the call. This “lead capture” sheet will quickly get you back in the game.

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The buyer/seller starts the conversation, but you control it by asking questions (the scripts). When the questions are laid out in front of you it’s easy, especially when you are just filling in the blanks.

I always started with the buyer section first because it’s easier to get people talking (dreaming). During that part I’d listen for appropriate timing to ask the qualifying questions (when they want to move, are they working with a real estate agent, are they financed)? If they were selling, you have a place for that too, along with all the questions needed.

No sign call is ever the same, so you need to have a real conversation and not sound like a nervous robot. Using a lead capture sheet allows you to organically make notes as the conversation is taking place.

Have you ever noticed that conversations flow back and forth from buying to qualifying to selling and you only get little parts here and there? It’s not like you can say, “Look man, I’m not done the buyer script so we can’t move on.”

No, you take what you get and bring them back if you can. Lead sheets are great for that. You sound professional, it keeps you on track and it forces you to ask the hard questions you might otherwise skip, such as are they financed and do they have an agent. You don’t want to scare them off, right?

Go ahead and download a copy. There is also a video about this on the homepage at Watch the video and leave comments to tell me what you think about it.

This video shows you how to use this simple system. It also has a cool follow-up trick for those of you who don’t have a database (and those who do, but don’t use it).

To download the Ad Call Sheet, click here.

To download a Follow-Up Calendar, click here.

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  1. Listing Sign Calls:

    As a Listing Agent YOUR first and primary responsibility for any call that originates from the sign YOU have placed on a Listing is to best market that property to that caller. As such the first question asked, as a professional, is ” My sellers appreciate your call and interest, in order to represent them in the best way possible can you tell me if you are presently under a buyer’s contract with an Agent?”

    Structuring your question in this way establishes a Top of Mind impression from the caller that you are a professional and thus more readily trusted to tell the truth versus just another salesman/woman.

    The entire remainder of your response should be geared to their answer on this first question. Your sellers have Legally contracted with you to put their best interests first and you can’t do that unless you are actively promoting their property to the BEST of your ability.

    Remember: “Straddling both sides of the sidewalk only puts you in the Middle of the street!”

    • Couldn’t agree more Ross.

      If on a sign call you’re busy asking the caller about their buying intentions and for personal information you’re not doing the job the seller hired you to do.

      Other than that, there’s nothing wrong with the approach when a buyer is seeking your assistance.

    • Great point. All conversations are different and this tool is to be ready for any direction once they start to become a lead / new client. You go with the flow. Hope it still helps :-)


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