Listing agents, this is your responsibility


I had a horrible experience this week, when I was sitting in the driveway of a home with my buyers but couldn’t get the listing agent to let us go in. Everyone’s a professional in their own mind…until they’re not. Could be laziness, lack of desire, simply not knowing, you could be a total newbie. No matter the excuse…or reason, as a listing agent, your job is to sell the house. Take every opportunity you can to create a great experience for everyone involved. Don’t be the reason that people don’t want to see your listing. Check out the video to learn more.

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  1. I tune in and imediately out when the video is recorded by an agent while in their car especially when they’re in the passenger seat.

    We sell houses not cars!

    • Hi PED:

      Maybe he’s in a self-driving vehicle. Maybe he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Maybe he has a driver. Maybe he’s actually trying out to be a used car guy…on the sly. Hey, that rhymes! Maybe I’m just rambling. Maybe his car’s a Rambler. Maybe he’s outta gas, with nothing else to do but make this video. Ahh…the maybe’s are legion. Maybe he should join a Legion, The French Foreign Legion. Maybe he’s a foreigner. Hmmm…Foreigner? Isn’t that the name of a seventies’ rock group? Maybe he hit a rock with his car. Maybe he’s a rock-solid Realtor. I could go on, but duty calls. Hold yer horses! I’m comin’ already! Gotta go make a video from the folded-down back seat of my S.U.V.. You’ll be able to watch it after midnights on the porn—I mean, born, channel. Only a buck ninety-eight. Why so cheap? It’s a quicky.

      • “Maybe his car’s a Rambler.”

        Hahaha, thanks for yet another laugh Brian.

        My youngest brother’s first car was a Rambler. I remember jumping into it whenever he wasn’t around, changing the gears and pretending to drive. That car never left the carport. Don’t remember seeing it arrive or leave or even make a sound. Maybe I stripped the gears and he didn’t know but that’s the image and memory that immediately popped into my head.

  2. This guy needs to look in the mirror and point the figure at himself, so easy to blame someone else. Reminds me of the guy that has an affair then goes home and accuses his wife of having an affair.

  3. The agent could have had a covid form signed in the car. Then taken a picture of it and forwarded it to selling office. This should be about doing what is best for the buyer and seller.

  4. Hi David,

    That is a great story. Too bad it did not work out. Agree the selling agent could have been more flexible and understanding considering her role is to sell the property. I believe there could be more to the story. Do you suppose she has a buyer client in mind and planning on double dipping? Anyway, I love the videos!

  5. I’d really be interested to hear realtor’s comments on this.
    I am sorry, but we’re in a pandemic. Can we all just remember that please.

  6. When covid first started and we had to download forms, have buyers Docusign, then send to listing agent … it was a pain for everyone to get all the paperwork done. As a listing agent, I have met a couple buyer agents at the home with a covid form to sign so they could go in. Today, most offices in our region have easy online signing … it’s the way to go …

  7. Some people like to have the POWER! Cooperation has become non existent …. Get the house sold…. Nothing professional about this listing agent!

  8. As a listing agent I can tell you buyers agents are the worse. Show up hours late, sometimes hours early, act like it doesn’t matter they are late, they have a right to show etc… When things go wrong on my listings I don’t think about the buying agent, I think about the buyers and try to make it right for them.

  9. I Agree with you, the listing agent must be more mindful. That happened to my showing agent recently.


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