I wanted to clear up a bit of confusion with respect to the Edmonton Journal article on condominium size issues in Edmonton (Alberta Real Estate Association to look into property measurement issues).

The November 29 Edmonton Journal article detailed the issue of Edmonton-area real estate professionals misrepresenting the registered size of condominium units in their listings. The Realtors Association of Edmonton (RAE) has a data field in its MLS system that requires Realtors to enter the size of the condominium as stated in the registered condominium plan at Land Titles for the unit in question.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) has received information that some Edmonton Realtors are inserting information in the “registered size” data field that misrepresents the registered condominium size and that was the focus of the Edmonton Journal article. This issue is not related to whether there are measurement standards in Alberta; it is merely about misrepresenting the registered size of units.

RECA sent a news message to all real estate licensees in Alberta on Nov. 26 regarding existing measurement standards in Alberta. The Guide to Measuring Residential Properties in Alberta is now available on RECA’s website for use by all residential real estate professionals.


Natalie Scollard
Communications Manager
Real Estate Council of Alberta

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