Let’s tell the truth about Christmas


As we near the end of a very profound year in world events, I find myself, like so many others, in a state of reflection. I also find myself at a time in my life where I have little patience for the ridiculous politically correct statements, all meant to avoid saying those two words: Merry Christmas.

Please spare me the religious claptrap, the lessons of ethnic histories, and the holier than thou pronouncements of the alleged real meaning of this time of year. Tell the truth.
Christmas is for kids. It is also a time of year that we should fortify our thoughts of good will and love to our neighbours in our work and where we live. No matter who we are or what religion or faith that we follow. Anything other than that is a failure of humanity. We should always cherish Christmas.

Tell the truth. The image of Santa Claus was created by a brilliant graphic artist at the Coca-Cola company and its initial purpose was to sell more soda pop. But it was adopted by all of us as the representative image of a wonderful time of year we call Christmas. A time when presents are exchanged. A time when children gleefully receive new toys. A time when families and friends gather for a meal. A time when oaths are made and promises are declared to help others, especially those less fortunate than us. A time to put aside personal bitterness and petty anger.

There is no greater threat to our society and our world than the threat we create ourselves to the image of Christmas and the Coca-Cola Santa Claus. The image of shopping in quaint little stores downtown as gentle snow falls all around us. The image of well-behaved happy children, cheerful lights, heartfelt music, a snifter of brandy, a glowing
fireplace, a grand table of food, and so much more. We threaten all of it with cynicism, and sarcasm.
Tell the truth. These things are not physically present in our lives. But they are real in our dreams, our wishes and our wistful image of Christmas. Whatever is missing can be created within the greatest gift God ever gave us, our imagination. Can anyone be so cruel in their heart that would deny such great dreams?
Can people be so cynical that they would deny that maybe, just maybe, there could be a few people who will take their promises to heart this special time of year and actually become more pleasant and charitable all year long, from this Christmas forward? It could happen. It could be someone we know. It could be one of us.
Can anyone be so self righteous to deny an image of Santa Claus and Christmas that includes first and foremost, good will to neighbours and peace on earth because some stupid religion they belong to tells them that they can't? If someone belongs to the Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, or whatever faith, I doubt very much that they could show me
where it says in their whatever holy book that they must deny the hopes, and the dreams that Santa Claus and Christmas represent.
So Merry Christmas to us all.
Merry Christmas to the Realtor who worked so hard to arrange a place for a family to live. Regardless of whether it was rented or purchased.
And finally, Merry Christmas to the most cynical people in our midst, because they need to know most of all, what Santa Claus and Christmas are really all about.  
By: Heino Molls
[email protected]


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