Largest LED sign in Toronto installed


LED signTelus is constructing an eco-friendly Toronto headquarters, built to operate with a LEED Gold certification – the highest standard for leadership in energy and environmental design. The sign that was recently installed is the biggest corporate brand sign of its kind in Toronto using LED (light-emitting diode) technology that uses lower power consumption and has greater longevity, costing 25 per cent less than most signs that use neon composed gas-filled glass tubes. The sign, 22 feet tall, 46 feet wide and weighing 2,600 pounds, was installed 136 metres above ground. A building tower crane hosted each of the Telus letters into place, while crews waited in suspended compartments that looked like window-washing equipment, held up by six levels of temporary scaffolding and beams cantilevering out over the tops of the glass walls. They then guided each letter to its place, suspended on what looked like window-washing equipment.


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