Have you ever found yourself in a coaching program, only to realize that it’s not the right one for you?

Real estate sales reps come to me all the time wanting to know what kind of coaching they need. Many of them have already completed a coaching program, but find they aren’t able to implement what they learned.

This question can easily be cleared up by understanding the difference between accountability coaching and mindset coaching.

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In accountability coaching you learn a skill you need to have to grow your business, such as prospecting. This kind of coaching will teach you scripts to use to master prospecting, closing techniques and so on.

For many agents this is a good match for what they need. However, a growing number of agents are frustrated that they still can’t prospect. They aren’t able to implement what they learned. The reason is simple – they have inner blocks, also known as hidden self-limiting beliefs. Does this sound like you? If so, you would be better off with a mindset coaching approach.

The intention of mindset coaching is to discover and remove the inner blocks that keep you from prospecting and keep you from succeeding in general. So ask yourself if that applies to you. Do you find that you know what you should be doing, but are not doing it?

Here are some signs of hidden self-limiting beliefs:

  • Procrastination
  • Avoidance of prospecting consistently
  • Lack of motivation
  • A roller coaster income
  • Difficulty in delegating

You might be surprised to know that many seasoned high-producing agents have struggled with these patterns.

For example, I worked with a client who had been an agent for 25 years. She had just finished an accountability program on prospecting but still wasn’t prospecting. She was frustrated that she had spent so much money on an approach that didn’t work for her. At the end, she was just as stuck as ever.

When she started my six month program, she was very resistant to prospecting. I said, “Let’s just focus on finding and getting rid of your subconscious self-limiting beliefs.” In a short time, it was clear why she couldn’t prospect. Using my psychological expertise, and my system of “subconscious reprogramming”, we discovered that in her conditioning she had been trained as a child to “never talk to strangers”. If that weren’t enough, she also had the belief that if she called people that she was bothering them.  Have you ever felt that?

During the coaching we discovered many other hidden beliefs that had been lowering her self esteem and suppressing her confidence. After removing those and installing updated empowered beliefs, she reported that:

  • Her confidence was high.
  • She was prospecting consistently.
  • She said to me, “I am unstoppable”.

Not only that but her business had grown and six months after the coaching, she had quadrupled her income.  Now you might think that she was working eight hours a day, but after removing blocks that had stopped her from delegating, she now only works five hours a day and has ample time to enjoy her life.

Just a heads up about the word “mindset”. Many coaches throw that word around freely to the point where it has become a “buzz word”. Be careful about qualifications. Is the coach trained psychologically to identify and release subconscious beliefs? In my experience that’s the part of mindset coaching that makes all the difference.

If you find that you need both skills and mindset, go for mindset first, so when you learn the skills you’ll be able to implement them with a success mindset, a mindset full of empowered beliefs.


  1. Good article, Maya,

    Baseball teams generally have at least three coaches with different specialties: batting coaches, running coaches, & fielding coaches.
    From my experience, all real estate agents would benefit from at least one year of coaching from three specialists: a mindset, goals, and motivation coach, a language skills coach, and a production coach.
    I see myself as a language skills coach teaching agents what to say to make appointments with listing prospects, build rapport, qualify prospects for motivation, make compelling listing presentations, pricing presentations, commission presentations, and respond to all types of stalls, indecisions and objections to get signatures on well priced, full commission listings.
    My files are full of testimonials from agents who attest to the value of learning what to say as a foundation for their success.
    As in the proverbial chicken & egg question, which type of coaching should be first, I would say that Mindset and Language Skills coaching should precede Production coaching. One should learn how to fly an airplane before planning a cross country trip.
    Maybe we should talk.


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