Kent Lyle honoured for 50 years in Calgary real estate

Lyle Kent, with Alan Tennant, CREB CEO, left and Becky Walters, 2013 CREB president.
Lyle Kent, with Alan Tennant, CREB CEO, left and Becky Walters, 2013 CREB president.

Kent Lyle was honoured recently for his 50 years in the Calgary and area real estate industry at the CREB Long Service Awards. Born and raised in Calgary, Lyle has been a member of CREB for 50 consecutive years. He got his start in his family’s real estate business, Lyle Bros. Ltd., after receiving his degree from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario at the age of 23.

“I can still remember my first sale,” says Lyle. “In the fall of 1963, I sold a small acreage close to Cochrane for two great teachers I met while attending Mount Royal Junior College. They probably listed with me to help me get started.”

The commission on the sale amounted to $375.  But from that sale on, Lyle’s real estate career took off.

He has experienced the many changes in the Calgary real estate market, navigating through the numerous ups and downs.  Royal Trust Real Estate, then the largest Canadian trust company, bought his family’s business and Lyle soon was the Alberta manager, overseeing offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge.

In 1976, Lyle started his own brokerage, Lyle Real Estate, with two friends, Gary Johnson and Ron Smith. It reaped the rewards of the oil boom in the early 1980s, and survived the subsequent downturn attributed to negative impacts on the Calgary market by the National Energy Plan.

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From there, he became the broker for Employee Relocation Services (ERS), the largest relocation company in Canada at the time, now known as HFS Mobility Services. He worked on several large projects, including the Canadian Forces relocation program, until his semi-retirement in 1997.

Looking back on his career, Lyle is happy about all he has accomplished and maintains a positive outlook on the health of Calgary real estate.

He is still involved in real estate and is licensed as a broker at Envoy Real Estate Services.  He served a three-year term as mayor of the Village of Norglenwold and now resides at his summer home on Sylvan Lake, Alta., where he remains active in the lake’s stewardship.



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