A recent survey by Point2Homes says prospective homebuyers were most interested in properties that have very short descriptions. At a maximum of 250 characters, homebuyers’ preferred home descriptions are shorter than a Twitter message, says report author Andra Hopulele.  “And that makes total sense. In a world where there is so much information and so many housing options, it can be frustrating to sift through long-winded descriptions and dozens of photos just to realize you don’t even like the property.”

She says one of the surveyed agents explained how much photos and descriptions matter, and what will actually impress a homebuyer: “It’s not so much about features but how everything is presented that matters. Poor presentation or mediocre photography bring mediocre results.”

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The survey found that properties displaying six to 15 photos are preferred by most people who roam the net looking for the perfect home. Homebuyers get an idea about the property, but the photos don’t replace the need for a viewing.

Properties with no photos are the least popular, because homebuyers are put off by the idea of not knowing anything at all about the floor plan, the general condition of the property, or its potential issues, says Hopulele.


  1. I agree with Sabine. Very good point to keep the copy down but I sell a lot of high end homes and for those I personally believe more like 20 pictures is better. A picture is worth a thousand words. I have had compliments for having more high quality photo’s compared to other homes that the listings had few and low quality photo’s.

  2. 6 to 15 pictures ? I have a bit of trouble understanding why potential buyers have no interest in seeing more. Maybe small condos can get away with a handful of pictures (what about the amenities?) . For larger homes, I can’t imagine that people (and I am talking serious buyers, not window-shoppers) would rather see less than more. The link shows how important many features are (updated bathrooms, kitchen etc) but you can’t present those with just a few pictures.


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