Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC), based in Oshawa, Ont. is introducing an all-new coaching series that it says is designed to get proven, predictable results faster. It will include personal one-on-one and community expert support.

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KBCC’s team coaching clients have two new platforms, Top 1% Life and Industry Icons.

The mission is to empower leaders with the clarity and confidence to build the most efficient, productive and profitable teams in the world, housed in performance cultures, the company says.

Top 1% Life is for growing teams to give them the tools and strategic systems they’ll need to build their team to win, expand their business and increase efficiency, the company says. Industry Icons is for developed teams who need to “power-up their people and performance and use the first all-inclusive team coaching platform.”

KBCC can guarantee you get results faster with coaching, it says. For information, click here.


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