Kathleen Black
Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black, CEO and founder of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, is pilgrimaging onto the Camino de Santiago in Spain to raise money and awareness for victims of domestic abuse.

“Due to the pandemic, victims can not shelter safely at home and some have been robbed of their ability to find safety in their communities,” says Black in a news release. “We believe victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault deserve the resources to live without fear, as do our communities. It is absolutely necessary to bring awareness to a certain way of life, and the services that are necessary and crucial.”

Relentless to Rise is an initiative by Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting to support services across Canada in empowering women and their families to “relentlessly rise, knowing the truth that they are deserving of safety, they are worthy, and capable of cultivating a new path to a better future,” says Black.

To donate to the cause, click here.


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