Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is holding a conference and networking event limited to real estate professionals who have brokered a minimum of 100 transactions in a year.

“This is your chance to collaborate with the anti-average in our industry,” says the company in a news release. “Ditch the conference centre. Ditch the stuffy hotel and join us for the 100 Deals+ Ultimate MasterMind at Peller Estates Winery and Trius Wineries for two days of disruption, networking and expansion.”

The event will be held on June 22 to 23. The wineries are in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.

It is open to “all team leaders, team managers, team director of operations and individual producers selling a minimum of 100 transactions in a recent 12-month period,” the company says.

“This unique elite experience is designed to prompt creative, disruptive and strategic thinking,” it says.

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  1. The question is: why would anyone doing 100 deals a year want to patronize Kathleen Black? First of all, they shouldn’t have the time to attend a conference like this. Second of all, is the purpose of such a conference
    really to benefit those who would attend, or the person who is giving it — who may be hoping to learn things from the attendees instead of the opposite!

    One of the reasons that top producers are top producers, is because they tend not to help the competition — unless it involves a mutual deal!

    • Hi Alan,

      Several of our clients will be in attendance. We are grateful to have worked with several from the ground up with Team Creation. I agree with you completely that the sales mindset is to hold your cards and keep “secrets” from your competition. This is completely opposite of the values of those who attend our Ultimate Team Summit and those who provided the feedback and requests for us to run this event.

      I have been coaching Real Estate Team Specific strategies for 10 years now, and ran the first Team Specific coaching company, Dan Plowman Team Systems, for 5 years before selling my half and opening my own company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting.
      75% of our clientele are top 1% and have worked hard and smart to get there. A KEY component to success is associating and sharing with the best. Your comment allowed me to reflect on just how lucky we are to associate with a network valuing collaboration.

      Feel free to learn more about our track record. It is a pretty open book, and can be seen on our website. Also, we offer complimentary coaching calls and business assessments which can help with how they sell so many homes and build incredible teams http://www.ItTakesa.Team



      • Kathleen,

        One of the main strategies employed by REAL Estate sales teams, is the concept itself, as a ways and means towards luring client prospects, in. The word “team” is inherent to our Canadian sports culture, our sports culture being inherent to our culture itself. However, unlike an athletic team sport where team members are usually in a constant visual and audible contact with one another, Real Estate sales teams are not really teams, per se’, by any comparable standard.

        A Real Estate sales team that is comprised of ten members and does just over 100 deals a year is only averaging ten units per team member, or a team with four members is still only netting an average of twenty-five deals a year, per member. Real Estate teams have a tendency to try and leverage off of their gross unit sales, and likewise your event that is being promoted herein, doesn’t seem to have any minimum criteria as it would pertain to net unit sales, as weighed against overall team size!

        Real Estate teams, primarily consist of two models: one that tries to assign specific different tasks to team members, and another where the team members largely look after the clients who are assigned to them, but with the use of a common administrator. In each case, the main goal is to try and leverage, in a marketing sense, off of the total gross unit sales of the team. The suggested strength of these concepts actually creates additional communication challenges, when trying to speak with someone (a team member) who actually has a direct knowledge of a particular property — not to mention additional internal communication challenges. In short, I’ve found teams to either be a source of frustration, or basically just unremarkable.

        Real Estate teams are like mini-brokerages within a brokerage and can be more accountable to the “team leader” than they are to the actual brokerage’s managing broker. The reason for this is two-fold: the financial benefit from being a team member is likely greater than the benefit from being with the brokerage, per se’, and the brokerage can become dependent on the business generated by a successful team. The end result, is even less brokerage supervision, in an industry that seems to be mostly puzzled by the correct application of Agency Law!

        Real estate teams don’t exist to provide superior consumer experiences, they exist to try and provide positive income experiences for those at the top of their structure. Consumer’s will always be lured to strong brands, whether there is a clear benefit at the end of the day, or not, and if a team brand is what is required to be successful what does that say about the value/ contribution of the franchised brokerages brand?

        • Looks like you’ve got your mind made up and are secure in your opinions.

          Everyone has their own views and way of doing business and is sounds like your way is overly successful for you and a forum of teams collaborating isn’t the best learning opportunity for you.

          All the best to you and your business. Keep up the good work.

        • Alan m. , I have taken a moment to read your previous comments here on REM – it appears you spend much of your time writing your own beliefs her about what is wrong with what anyone and everyone else is doing. Not a whole lot of supporting your choices as much as disparaging others.

          While it is true that some teams in our industry are for example 10 people doing 10 deals each, not all, and certainly not the very best teams. The Teams and the Team Members we at KBCC work with average 4 to 14 times the average agents results, while providing far superior service to the Public as well.

          The Truth is, this is not a forum to discuss the integrity of the structure of a team. It is not a place that you should be attempting to publicly disgrace what so many others have worked their lifetime to build and master. That is their definition of success and ideally you would should be happy for them while choosing to live your life in a different manner.

          You have made your mind up about this topic, and while I am sure you are successful in what you do, I am not sure why you felt it was your place to disparage others from choosing a different path.

          Personally, on behalf of KBCC and frankly all of our amazing and wonderful clients, I wish you all the best in spending your time and efforts mastering your craft and being the best agent for your clients.

          • Andy,

            Regarding your following comment: “The Truth is, this is not a forum to discuss the integrity of the structure of a team. It is not a place that you should be attempting to publicly disgrace what so many others have worked their lifetime to build and master.”

            Andy, the truth is that: R.E.M. Is precisely the forum to discuss all things that relate to the organized real estate industry! If you have the experience to refute what I’ve said then go for it, but lamenting what I’ve said doesn’t even amount to a repudiation! What is said within the pages of R.E.M. will ideally open up the eyes of consumer’s, and if the truth should be disparaging, then so be it!

          • Andy:
            Your words “…this is not a forum to discuss the integrity of the structure of a team.” ??? Seriously? Why not?
            I have to agree with Alan, Andy. REM is precisely the forum to discuss the integrity of all things real estate related, including the structure of teams, even successful teams…financially speaking of course (primarily related to the team leader/owner). You do not believe in unilaterally dictated industry-related cultural indoctrination do you? Disagreement on principles and behaviours endemic to any and all cultural belief systems, be they business oriented, ethno centric or political in nature, fosters open mindedness…for those willing to embrace an open mind to start with. Criticism is a good thing. Nothing is learned by winning all of the time and being patted on the back endlessly. Losing now and then (including public debates) often inspires reflection. Reflection ought to lead to reconsideration. Reconsideration sometimes leads to thinking outside of the box, and that is when new ideas spring to mind or when real epiphanies hit.
            We are never so perfectly balanced that anything that comes our way of a negative nature (words included) cannot knock us off of our high perches of self-satisfied smugness fueled by mega-commissions. Alan’s words of criticism got to you, but they should not have been able to do that. It is the public nature of the comments that bother you. Why is that? Are you concerned that future potential team members at the bottom of the totem pole might not want in after reading a critique or two of your team?
            As far as I am concerned, there is one reason, and one reason only, why teams are formed: maximization of the team leader’s bottom line, similar to a broker/owner’s reason, without incurring the expenses and obligations inherent in operating a brokerage. If you can train and thus produce professionals along the way, then that would be a good thing, but I do not believe that that would be the prime directive of a team leader/owner. To be so would be to make you a teacher, and teachers do not collect mega commissions as produced by others.

    • Alan
      I’m perplexed by your last sentence. Every single top producer I have met comes from the mentality of giving and sharing. That IS why they ARE top producers.

      As a person/team who has done well over 100 deals a year for many years, I can assure you, the reason we get here is because of the learning and growing we do as leaders/salespeople/people in general. A forum like this provids a space for to top in the industry to learn not only from each other but also from the facilitators who always have amazing nugget to take away. Constant growth is the key.

      Any top producer who refrains from growing or investing in bettering themselves will relinquish that title quickly.

      I have been to a few events that Kathleen Black has hosted and I can tell you, one of the best segments is always the top producer mastermind.

      As I urge you (if you qualify) to register, and I will look forward to seeing you there.

      • Amy,

        I’m perplexed, when I watch a promotional video wherein a REALTOR’s client says: “my home was sold before it even went on the market”! Because, there are all kinds of inherent problems with preempting the way the MLS is designed to work, optimally! Were it the case that a home was, in fact, sold before it went on the market (in other words on the MLS), then what would be the point of putting it on the MLS, to the benefit of a seller? The aforesaid situations were, at one point, referred to as: sold before processing.

        Amy, I’m perplexed when I watch promotional videos wherein I don’t perceive of any notable substance, but where I do notice something that I find troubling, and wonder why a truly savvy REALTOR, couldn’t at least manage to avoid that which is: troubling!

        • I’d suggest, if you see no notable substance then the best path to take would be to move on and continue on with your day.

          With regards to something you find troubling, I can assure you, for our team specifically, there is always a reason behind what we are doing.

          Eg. 70 year old woman looses her husband of 50 years. It would almost kill her to go through the traditional selling process. Selling before going to market is a perfect situation for her.

          Each situation is unique. It’s up to is as professionals to spend the time and create the best game plan for our client and not stick to a blanket norm because “that’s the way it’s suppose to be done” in others eyes.

          You sound like a very intelligent, ethical and successful agent and I wish there were more of us out there.

          All the best to you and continued success in your business.

          • Amy,

            With regards to the testimonial that I was making reference to the couple seemed to, both, be alive and kicking! The MLS should always be the best choice for a fast sale and at the best price for a seller. The only reason for not using the MLS would be because you can’t comply with all the rules — particularly around the subject of access — due to a seller’s extenuating circumstances.


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