John DiMichele, left and Miguel Lameiro.
John DiMichele, left and Miguel Lameiro.

Earlier this summer, I met with Miguel Lameiro, Humber College associate dean of program delivery, education and training solutions.

Miguel provided me with a firsthand look at the newly designed pre-registration education program being overseen by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and offered through Humber College. I have to say, for those looking to enter the real estate industry, I am confident that the new standards being implemented by RECO will raise the bar and take the education of those trading in real estate to new heights.

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This program, and RECO’s White Paper, which outlined their Registration Education Vision, provide a clear path forward. After my visit, I can say with confidence that it appears they are well on their way to achieving the vision set out in the White Paper and they are doing what they said they would.

The program will go a long way in preparing new registrants by equipping them with a greater understanding of what’s required in the profession to serve businesses and the home buying and selling public. What’s more, the path set by RECO is focused on a secure and consistent quality system and training program that balances their mandate of compliance and consumer protection with the delivery of sound quality training.

If new entrants looking to trade in real estate are subjected to more rigorous and practical training from day one, they will be better prepared to conduct their day-to-day business when they graduate.

This means Realtors educated through the new system can hit the ground running faster, with greater knowledge and some practical experience. It will be easier for them to interact with other professionals and will raise the bar across the real estate profession.

The program also pushes the dial forward on RECO’s mandate to promote consumer protection in our industry: real estate professionals who are better trained and better prepared to serve their clients. I’m certain Realtors will be able to use their enhanced skills, knowledge and expertise to guide consumers through each step of the real estate transaction.

In short, the new program is good for the profession as well as for home buyers, sellers, renters and businesses, and I wish Miguel and RECO the best of luck as they move forward.


Note: This story was updated to clarify that the program is being overseen by RECO and offered through Humber College. 


  1. The apparent attention being directed by RECO et al toward better preparing newbies for life in the real world is a good step forward. I hope the goal of the enhanced curriculum, and its instructors, is to weed out incompetence, bad attitudes, the ever-present corrupt personalities, and not polish turds so they come out of the finishing factory with a shine on their exteriors. A turd is still a turd, no matter how polished it becomes.

    Best of luck to the new, and hopefully, improved, graduates. May they not stink up the joint.

    • Brian, thank you! Yes, we positively need a thorough cleanup so that our profession is respected & trusted by the public who we SERVE. I agree with you that integrity and honesty is not practiced by many. Kodus for being so very blunt. We need more outspoken individuals who do not fear.

  2. Good idea Radha. Do regular audits on current realtors and everyone that fails make it compulsory for them to attend the full course.

    • I agree totally Linda. I am a card carrying fan of the new program and in addition, would be one when extended to the current realtors as well. Knowledge is power which nobody can take away from us. We would finally be respected by the public for being a profession to be trusted. You have my vote Linda.

  3. John’s comments on the new program are very encouraging and provide all of us with a degree of comfort (and hope) that new registrants will complete the program with a greater depth of knowledge and practical skills as they enter the profession. This will be good for industry participants and the general public. Best wishes to Humber College for a successful launch.

  4. I agree, with John DiMichele the new system is extremely good for the profession.- May be, ALL current realtors should go through something similar in order to renew their licenses every 2 years and make it compulsory. The current system does not ensure/Police that the individual holding the license is the one completing the current online system. Am I opening a can of worms? FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!! :)


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