Recently I had Chelsea Peitz on my show. She is an Instagram marketing expert who has just released a book on the subject. We did a full one-hour webinar on Instagram marketing for real estate agents.  I’m going to shrink it down as much as possible to just the highlights.

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One of the main things we want you to do is work smarter, not harder, because a lot of people are spinning their wheels with Instagram. They don’t feel like they’re getting anything from it. Check out my video!


  1. Thanks for the video. At the end you were suggesting a service like link tree etc. I was thinking about creating a special link page on my website similar to what linktree does. From there, visitors can choose whether to search for a home, contact me, etc. What do you think?

  2. Thanks so much for this video Dan! I am just starting out on instagram and you’ve given alot of tips here on how to make it work for me!!


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