Brian Bell
Brian Bell

Insightt, a fintech start-up based in Oakville, Ont. is launching interactive housing market solutions that Realtors, real estate companies and real estate boards will be able to use and share with their clients.

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The company says it was founded to help the industry more easily understand housing market trends and insights through real time and interactive data solutions. The solutions have been developed and are currently in testing with Realtors in the Greater Toronto Area, with more apps and geographic expansion planned in the short term.

“We are excited to be launching interactive housing market information to help make understanding market trends simple, fast and easy for the real estate industry,” says

Brian Bell, founder of Insightt. “The ability for a Realtor to directly interact with market data on their website or mobile device and share real-time information with their clients is a game changer in this fast-paced real estate market.”

Bob Pridham, a real estate broker with iPro Realty says, “We have been testing these new interactive apps on our website and it has been a value-added tool in the buying and selling process with our clients. We know our clients are looking for more real-time information and the ability to provide them with an interactive data solution under my own branding made this a real winner for me and my clients.”

Insightt interactive data solutions include:

In addition to providing interactive data solutions, Insightt also provides training and coaching. It says it is “building a cutting-edge property valuation tool for real estate professionals to stay engaged with their clients.”

The company is a client of Haltech, a not-for-profit Regional Innovation Centre funded by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development Job Creation and Trade.


  1. Interesting….apparently users trust Brian enough to believe his calculations because as all members of MLS systems know Brian cannot publish the data he used to arrive at those calculations without breaching his MLS system user agreement.

    Can an MLS system user earn income from MLS system data outside of income earned through a direct trade in real estate from the MLS system user’s brokerage?

    Assuming a Home Buyer or a Home Seller who has been provided access to these “insights” makes a bad decision from bad insights can the Buyer or Seller sue for damages?

    As a REALTOR in Ontario Brian has massive disclosure requirements under RECO to escape damages or complaints issued by a consumer who used these “insights” and to click through waivers defy TRESA requirements don’t they?

    Can an agent still get errors and omissions coverage from RECO if they do not have access to verifying the underlying data used to create these “insights” but still provide them to clients to use?

    Could Brian sell these “insights” to a third party non-MLS system member or non-Agent who previously could not gain access to the underlying CMHC or STatsCan?

    Can we as members sell these kind of “insights” to moving companies or banks or insurance companies?

    If Brian does this why is the MLS system itself simply not doing the same and returning it as a value add to it’s members since these “insights” rely upon a VOW or IDX feed?

    Let’s be honest this is the tip of the iceburg when it comes to what an experienced realtor can do with MLS system data. Isn’t that why so many protections against such uses are built into the MLS system user access agreements?

    Gee isn’t there some REALTOR in BC who also is offering so called “insights” for a fee?

  2. Brian Bell is an Ontario licensed broker and member of TRREB and other Ontario boards so he pays the same fees and costs for access to the data as every other broker. The genius in what Insightt has created is the reformatting of the data to make it simple and efficient for real estate agents and their clients. Any and all Brokers have had access to the same data for years. Insightt is first to market with interactive apps that turn raw data into easily understood graphs and charts. Realtors can now make this data available to clients and potential clients. That translates into client loyalty and lead generation. Very impressive.

  3. Is this application using free data from TRREB? Why do we not charge non-members a reasonable fee/KB they download? Particularly if they are turning around repackaging and selling it back to the sane membership?


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