They say you can’t please everyone. Although I believe most anything in life is possible…pleasing everyone certainly isn’t on that list. What do you do? It starts with developing a thick skin. David Greenspan outlines what to do about the haters.

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  1. Thanks David for this wonderful advice. Just like the saying: “any news is good news”, comments whether in support or against is a gross impression aka: a connection. I find that people who don’t care or feel a connect stay silent so when words are expressed, you are noticed. As business people we face opposition and must never take it personally and need to get over it. As you well advise: beand keep consistent. Thanks for always sharing your wisdom.

  2. David, thanks. It’s a welcome piece of advice.

    I have experienced close to eight decades (on this tiny planet of ours called earth) many (too many to mention), many disagreements, (sometimes violent, sometimes from mother nature), because of my being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and/or, appearance, accent, etc., etc. Having a ‘thick skin’ is certainly a big plus, (oh, how I remember too well the heartbreaking moment when my first awkward asking for a date was rudely turned down. Thick skinned persistence paid off!).
    On a bit serious note, though, disagreements and objection handling go hand-in-hand. We face it too often. Here’s a process that works wonders for me.
    1. I seem to show agreement. (I am a bit of an actor too!). My favorite line – “I can understand where you are coming from. If I were in your situation, I would probably do the same”. Hooray, now it’s not so much of a confrontation! I am on the same side as the ‘objector’.
    2. After a brief pause (with a puppy-dog defeated look) – “Just out of curiosity, which part of my (statement/accent/face/colour/race …), you don’t like (don’t agree with .. etc.etc).

    You are off to a very good ending!! Try it. Practice it. You’ll love the success. Bon chance!!


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